2 Litre Sports Sedan Series – I started it in Vic over 20yrs ago

2 Litre Sports Sedan Series – 20 years on


Over twenty years ago (closer to 25yrs) I was racing a Mini Sports Sedan in the Victorian Super Mini Association of which I was the President, and on the 12th & 13th December 1992 at Winton Motor Raceway, the very first meeting of the 2 Litre Sports Sedan Series was run and won with 36 entries and in 2015 its still going – wow… we even had our own magazine (ok not bragging I designed the badges and motifs did the magazine etc etc)


Back in the early 90’s I was as I said racing a Mini Sports Sedan in the Victorian Super Mini Association – I was the President.   Our Series ran successfully and competed also against the Super Mini Association in NSW running at such tracks as Eastern Creek, Wakefield Park, Oran Park plus others.   In Victoria we ran at tracks like Calder Park, Winton Motor Raceway, Phillip Island and Sandown Raceway – yep it was great!   Mine is the blue mini below

Leighs Mini

But there was something missing…  you see people racing sports sedans of the 2 litre and under variety were complaining that they couldn’t compete against the larger sports sedans which were V8s and rotaries including turbos etc.   They asked if they could compete with the minis as they were sick of being made to fill up the grids for the larger cars – and so an idea was born.   I placed an add in various magazines and papers calling for expressions of interest for a 2 Litre and Under Sports Sedan Series and the response was overwhelming!   And with the help of people like John Bell, Mark Diggerson (RIP), Steve Howard and others, I was on my way – Mick Wronkt of Winton Motor Raceway near Benalla said if I had the numbers he would give us our own race the rest they say is history!   36 cars lined up for the inaugural race meeting in December 1992.   Considering there was 16 outright sports sedans which included 5 HQ’s you can see I was on a winner!


In 1997 I was awarded Life Membership by the club – a proud yet humble achievement.   We even ended up in “4 and Rotary buildups” magazine plus Auto Action many a time.


I hope you enjoy some of the photos from when I was involved which include National Rounds as well at Wakefield Park and elsewhere.   The Series is going strong which is a credit to the racers; their website is… http://www.2litress.com 

Below is a photo of the Class of 1996 – I’m in the front 3rd from the left… yes no goatie just a mo’


Fun and thrills at Sandown…


National Rounds at Wakefield Park in NSW and Sandown Raceway in Victoria…


An assortment of cars including my No 54…


Some more of the cars this time at Winton from I believe the very first 2 Litre race in Dec 1992…


I have been asked to attend a special evening to talk about the 2 Litre & Under Sports Sedan Series it origins and how and why it was successful – an evening I think that will indeed be special.   The next race meeting I believe is the 3rd/4th July at Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria just outside of Benalla – a place that holds some wonderful memories, can’t wait!   Actually all I can say is, as the Name and Logo I came up with states – 2 Litre (and under) Sports Sedan Series (Australia) ‘simply the best’


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