2015 Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters Trail Ride… a great week of Horses, friends and of course Country Music!

Yep it started on Saturday October 17th and it finished on Saturday October 24th and sad to say – it is to be the last “The Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters Horse Trail Ride” – I’m trying to continue it though in 2016 fingers crossed, I just need an ATHRA Club to work with.

Steve Langley

Steve Langley along with the assistance of many others including trail leaders Alison and Jo made the week a success even though numbers were down – hey we still had a ball!!  I even trained a band “The 1 Finger Bandits” Laurie, Marshal & Roslyn Lindsay the wife of the late great Reg Lindsay – and they thought they couldn’t learn, I showed them 🙂

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Crackin' Cancer cancer_council_nsw

I arrived there on the Saturday Morning early after stopping for the night at the Glen Innes Lions Park, as I had to do a kids disco on the Thursday night I couldn’t pack till Friday. It was great to get there and catch up with everyone especially Steve and Kerry.  And, I parked in my normal spot.


We had a welcome BBQ on the Saturday night cooked by Marshal and Laurie and then Sunday was the 1st ride day…


And after a quick pose by some it was off we go…


There was people & music and lots of it, I played for several hours in the afternoon and then several hours at night and on the Friday dinner dance auction night I finished sometime after midnight – yawn but it was worth it!

Leigh playing red lights

Yes really, lots of it… people if you have photos please send them to me

Leigh playing blue lights

Ok backpedal to Tuesday & it was a rest day and some of us had lunch at the Railway Hotel in Glen Innes…

We had Fred (sounded like a good name) the black snake come out as I looked over the rail of the Gunyah (where we eat and relax/play music) and sun himself…

Of course apart from the rest day on Tuesday there was riding everyday.   Friday night started with us cooking a freshly butchered sheep and it not only smelt great it tasted fantastic also.   Steve Langley made a lamb curry from the leftovers on the Saturday night – also very nice.


Next was the carving and of course the eating…


After the dinner was the auction and the bidding was fierce with Alison calling and me up the back doing the spotting and then afterwards I did what I do best and played, with people dancing till the early hours of the morning – yawn it was great…


All in all the sad part is packing up at the end of the week and knowing you won’t see most of the people for another year.


Well thats it for this one, I’m hopeful there will be a next years Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters fundraiser – all we have to do is organise it along with Jo and Alison cause it can’t end, even if it is a get together/reunion and ride.

I know that I plus many others including Marshal and Laurie, WILL be there we just need to get an ATHRA club to get on board as well.

After everyone left on the Saturday (was very quiet) I walked upto the house for a family dinner, looking back the view is, well, spectacular.


I will leave you with the view that Steve Langley, Kerry, myself and the wwoofa Dianna had whilst we had the lamb curry that Steve made – why would you want to leave, I know I didn’t want to.


Hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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2 thoughts on “2015 Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters Trail Ride… a great week of Horses, friends and of course Country Music!

  1. Suzanne Lewis

    Hey Leigh Mr Music. What a lovely description of what happened and the fun we had. I will be back next year so I hope we can get Athra on board What a beautiful place. Hope to catch up if you are playing around Newcastle. Cheers Suzie Lewis

    1. CountryMusicOutlaw

      Gday Suzie, glad you enjoyed yourself it was a lot of fun and yes I want to continue it next year if we can, I know Jo and Alison want to as well even Steve would like to. Catch up with you when I’m playing somewhere, take care – Leigh

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