Always fun, the Crackin’ Cancer Fundraiser at Three Waters

Crackin' Cancer






Man what a great time was had at the 4th annual Three Waters Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trail Ride fundraiser.   This one was held at Three Waters in Bullock Mountain near Glen Innes NSW, AUST.   Now this event was held over the course of a week (16-22nd March) but we got there earlier in the previous week so we could you know get ready like even bringing my coffee cup (not the small one) – read on…

leighs coffee cup comparison

As you can see by having the large cup I’ve reduced the number of coffees I have each day – that should keep the doctor happy, I mean I’m drinking less cups of coffee right?  🙂

The accommodation for most people was staying in their horse floats which were from one end of the property to the other.  Some stayed in what they call a Caracabin which is like a caravan with a cabin attached whilst some stayed in cabins and others stayed in tents – brrr.  Yes I was lucky to stay in what I affectionately call Aunty Winne which is an 8mt Winnebago which I have used to travel around and incidentally I now own.   Yes I know spoilt, but hey you sleep on a blow up mattress for a week which I have done on many occasions – it was time to come up in the world and yes I am smiling!

Aunty Winne


As you can see in the photos below people rode horses and had fun even after riding between 20 and 30km – even I had a go though I didn’t attempt to go on their longrides… hmmm maybe next time.


Leigh on Dave riding


Leigh with Dave the horse tongue sticking out

Ok that was me with Dave the horse upstaging me after riding him – yes he stuck his tongue out and pulled a face and no it wasn’t wind, what do they say never work with kids or animals…

horses by the river

And of course the horses which are really the ones in control discussing which way to go…

horses discussing which way to go

And the legend himself… Steve Langley

Steve Langley a legend

What else can I say people were relaxing with a beverage or two and others were mucking about having a dance whilst I was doing I guess what I do best – singing and playing music.


steve and friend debbie relaxing


people relaxing and mucking about

The Crackin’ Cancer crew including myself even posed for a photo and even family and cousins were all there enjoying themselves.   Yes I can honestly say I enjoyed myself and I know I wasn’t the only one.

crackincancer crew

As I said doing what I do best…

leigh singing

I had a ball and from what everyone else told me so did they which means I don’t know about you but I will be there for the next one which might even be as early as October this year.

Any way I guess thats enough for this one and I’ll finish by saying thanks to everyone that made this a success and heres hoping the next one at Three Waters High Country Holidays is just as successful if not more so.

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Until next time…

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