April Always a Busy Month Including ANZAC Day

April traditionally is always a busy month but before I get into the joys of that guess what… Yeah you guessed Telstra let us down again, now to cut a long story short,  

There was a tech working in the pit 200 metres down the road and we lost everything again – phone/internet.  He said it wasn’t him, I said it was, he said ring Telstra and then he’ll look at it – needs a job number.

The next night (after numerous phone calls) the same guy turned up said hmmm, went to the pit and incredibly in under 2mins it was back up again – funny that.

This month I get to play a new venue one I’ve never played at before so that should be interesting.   I get to play at the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Toronto for their Country and Western night which is held on Fridays from 7.30 thru to 10.30pm.   I’m playing on Friday the 8th April yep next week.

One of the other gigs that I enjoy is the traditional Pre ANZAC Day Lunch on the 20th at the Wangi Wangi RSL Sub Branch.   I sit down in suit/tie jacket/medals for lunch, then on a full stomach play for several hours.   I think this year I’ll take the tie off…

This year leading upto ANZAC Day I hope that it is different from last year.   2015 saw the Hunter Valley where I’ll be marching declared a Natural Disaster.   Yet somehow the community in Wangi Wangi like many other places in the Hunter, rallied together in-spite of diversity to commemorate and remember the 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli.

This year marks the Centenary of the RSL 1916 – 2016, it also marks a Century since the First ANZAC Day March.   What were your parents or grandparents doing during the 1914-1918 war??

I know that both my grandfathers signed up in England.  My paternal grandfather (dads dad) was only 16 and served on the front line in France.   He survived but was only a kid when he went over.   Many people did that back then, would you?   What were/are your kids like at 16?

I have my great Uncles medals which he never saw or received – he was killed in action in Flanders, it makes you think.   When you see a veteran pay a little respect its been earned.

This year the march will be a little sadder as we have lost some friends and comrades.   William ‘Bill’ Trotter (passenger in jeep) and then last month Brian Printer (in the wheelchair) lost his battle with cancer after 4 months.   Brian’s hearse was a specially adapted Harley, escorted by the Vietnam Veterans MC of which he was a member.

the time has come for rest old soldier, your duty is done – Lest We Forget

Next blog on the 15th, let you know how RMYC Toronto gig goes and life in general…

Anyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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