Aunty Winne gets a face lift

Aunty Winne is getting a face lift and the reasoning behind…

Someone said to me that Auny Winne as I affectionately call her needs a face lift.   Now Aunty Winne is not a person as such but rather a Winnebago based on a Mazda T4600 that I own.   She’s nice and comfortable but rather plain on the outside I’ve been told.

Aunty Winne standard

Personally I think she looked lovely but people kept saying “It pays to advertise you know…”, but did I mention she’s comfortable to drive and live in, I mean she has a bed in the back unlike some plus separate toilet and shower and… well you get the drift.   The only thing is you need a truck licence to drive but I have a semi-trailer licence so all good.

I get the hint so I search for and find the local sign writers…

 Now it wasn’t hard to find the local sign writers as there is only one in town, so I thought ok I’ll just design something take the laptop down with my handiwork and see what they think and of course the important part – the cost!   Below is what I came up with on my laptop.

Aunty Winne my drawing sm

To cut a long story short the price was great and within literally minutes they had my design drafted and so the go ahead was given.

The journey to change Aunty Winne begins…

 Working on the front with the tack tape still on


Working on the back with tack tape on


The Journey is complete

Back completed and looks just like my original picture but with a bit extra added and yes I am happy with that (and no they are not bars like a jail cell in the picture I’m standing on the outside)


And yes the front looks just like the picture I provided to them and yep you guessed it I am happy!


So if you are in Victoria and you need a good signwriter then look up The Marx & Weston Sign Shop from Kyneton.   They’re friendly, believe in customer satisfaction and above all… do a great job!

The Marx & Weston Sign Shop

So if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

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 Till next time, take care

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