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Have a read, have a listen and enjoy Leigh Warren – Australia’s own Country Music Outlaw.

With the various jobs Leigh has held including Diesel Mechanic, Army, Computer Programmer/Consultant, manager and more, he’s lived more in his 50 odd years than most would fit into a lifetime.

Leigh’s been a Radio Presenter on 3CCC Bendigo, 2YOU FM in Tamworth and Hawksbury 89.9FM in Windsor.   He’s driven Tow Trucks, 18-Wheelers, raced Sprint Cars/Motorbikes/Minis and owned several Harley’s (favourite bike).

He’s been shot at, had someone try to stab him, had a grenade thrown at him and he’s still alive.   He’s been there done that and got the tattoos and scars of a true ‘salt of the soil’ outlaw.

Three broken marriages, two daughters – Leigh has seen his fair share of good times, bad times and life in general.   In fact Leigh says that he just doesn’t seem to have much luck in the Ladies department.

As George Strait said – “I guess I should of checked the price tag before I gave em my last name”, though as Leigh puts it, “I guess that makes it easy to write country songs, you know just serving an apprenticeship and living the life, besides today is a new day – you have to live for today not yesterday”.

Having said that, sometimes tho, it is not as easy as it sounds with Leigh being diagnosed with Major Depression and hositalised in 2001. This brings with it associated ongoing health issues that can interfere with his music.

Still with music being Leigh’s passion, his life’s experiences are reflected in his music and his lyrics.   People say you draw on life’s experiences to help you in what you do in life – if that’s the case then Leigh has plenty to draw on… and plenty to offer.

So take the time and have a read, have a listen and enjoy Leigh Warren[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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