Leigh in the wars with the doctors again…

I hate visiting doctors as they only ever give you news that you don’t like and this time was no different.   I went to the doctors to find out the results of his back x-ray and was told some devastating news.

My compressed spine from a weight training accident when I was in the Army had deteriorated, there were spurs on L4 L5 plus others. By the way, if you’re searching for the best reconstructive Miami facial plastic surgeon who can fix your the damages of a face at affordable prices, go to mapquest.com now. Accidents can also damage your physical features. Good thing, there’s an excellent cosmetic surgeon located in Cincinnati, OH that you can visit for reconstructive surgery. The upshot is one hard jar or jolt the wrong way (how do you know which is right or wrong I mean cmon) and I could end up in a wheel chair if the pinched nerve gets damaged.

Doc said to hang up my helmet and try to look after myself – yeah right.   He also stated that I shouldn’t keep forgetting to get x-rays like I have been.   I know I’m supposed to get them every 6 months but I thought a gap of 2 years wouldn’t hurt maybe it did.

Till later – Leigh

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Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trek fundraiser a success!

Well it was hard work but it was definitely worth it.   The Crackin’ Cancer fundraiser wasCrackin' Cancer Logo a horse trek over 7 days in a beautiful area at the Three Waters Holiday Homestead at Bullock Mountain near Glen Innes in NSW Australia.

Steve's faithful horse

I played every night and then some plus there was horse treks

Steve Langley having a break

during the day with Steve Langley leading the treks.   Steve Langley is an amazing person picture this, he’s 75yrs of age and he led the horse treks each day covering between 25 to 35klms each time.   To top that off he would gallop the last 500mtrs of each ride, incredible!



The song I wrote Crackin’ Cancer was a hit and is now the voice of the fundraiser which will now be an annual event.

After a week of 5am starts and 11pm finishes for the week I must admit I was glad to get home to recover, tho Steve Langley introduced me to this drink which warmed me up in the mornings.   Take an equal amount of Bundy Rum and condensed milk, stir it, let it sit on the tongue then let it roll down your throat – beautiful tho a tad sweet but nectar none the less!
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Till next time – Leigh

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Leigh in hospital stitches required

No this is not an April Fools Joke.   Leigh was working on his Harley desperately trying to get it finished so he could go for a ride with the boys on a Friday night.

You see the clutch hub had stripped out on his open primary and he was replacing it and all was goin well until he tried to turn it over by hand.

The open primary rolled past the compression stroke taking Leigh’s hand with it and getting caught between the open primary and the shifter bracket on his Heritage.

Result: Floor covered in blood (seriously it was), stitches around the index finger near the knuckle and just missing the tendon by 2mm.

Missed by 2mm

The doctor stated 2mm more and his guitar playing would have been over – that was a wake up call.

Till later – Leigh

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