Cancer Sucks fair dinkum

Last night I was going to write some humorous witty blog but then thought nope I’ll wait until tomorrow….

Early this morning (around 1am Wed 24th) my mate Brian sent me a message so as not to wake me to let me know that his missus Kell had passed away.   I was awake and dumbfounded when I read the text.   Typically in this modern era we texted back and forth rather than spoke on the phone.   I knew he was crying and who wouldn’t be, he had just lost his partner to a cruel and debilitating disease.

I thought back only to Sunday when we went over to visit and even though Kell was in pain and on a morphine pump she still smiled and laughed at our stupid jokes.   On Monday Brian said that they were admitting her to hospital as she had taken a turn for the worst and that he was trying to cope with the kids as they and him were upset.   “No I’m fine” he said “she’ll be right”.   Not even 48hrs later and she was gone.

Brian met Kell only four years ago and being the man he is also took responsibility for Kell’s kids including one with down syndrome.   He adopted them and said if anything happens he would continue to look after them.   None of us expected this to happen so soon.   Kell had been feeling sick and had a lump for a couple of years and all the doctors bar one, said it was nothing, this one doctor said hmmm and sent for further tests and they found Cancer but basically it was too late.

This brought back memories of my own fathers struggle with Cancer and how it affects everyone concerned.   It also brought to light how vulnerable we all are and that maybe we are not so tough and as strong as we think we are.

Now as I listen to the song Crackin’ Cancer (I wrote it to raise money for Cancer Research), the second verse was and is about my father, the third verse reminds me of Kell and the news she was told.

You never know what is goin to happen in life, don’t leave everything to the last minute as you may not get to do or say what you wanted to.

That’s it for now, I’m not as angry as when I started typing but I’ll leave you with these words… If in doubt, check it out!!

Till later – Leigh

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