Walgett Rodeo then Lightning Ridge – rained out

Walgett Rodeo CANCELLED due to rain WHAT??

Venue changed to Lightning Ridge

And so said the WRV or Winnebago RV Club, ok no worries I thought, gear all packed should be ok have to be there by 3pm on the Friday – no worries!!

First of Walgett… ok well we sort of didn’t really stop just drove through slowly and waved back at people as it had been a long drive so far and we were running a bit late but a happy snap anyways

Entrance to Walgett

I have never seen so many dead skippys as I did between Walgett and Lightning Ridge there would have been at least one every 5 to 10 metres was quite sad actually seeing so many I mean I know on farms they are a pest but still a sad sight – anyways I digress…

Saw the sign to turn right to Lightning Ridge and a female PW had traffic stopped both ways for a breath test – you’re kidding but she did her job so happy snap number two of the Lightning Ridge Cement Mixer…

Entrance to Lightning Ridge

Well we made it to the alternative venue – Lightning Ridge Tourist Park in Harlequin St, Lightning Ridge yep a bit different to a Rodeo at Walgett but apparently they had rain which meant we would have never gotten on and especially off of the oval.

Entrance to Caravan Park

Well time to set up I guess then meet some of the WRV Club members and locals then have dinner relax and get ready for tomorrow… yup sounds good and after all it doesn’t rain in Lightning Ridge does it?

Setting up

Saturday morning and breakfast time and yes it had rained a little but the forecast was for lots of it and the locals were excited I wasn’t tho

Saturday breakfast

By Saturday afternoon it was raining and by Saturday night I was crook with the flu… it rained all Saturday night so no getting the guitars etc out and no music and rained on thru Sunday and although there was tours on I was just too crook.

Sunday breakfast

In typical fashion the rain started easing on Monday morning so breakfast was enjoyable and the limited time we all had to mix was still enjoyable.

The 2 girls from the WRV Club Shelley and Catherine did an outstanding job considering the last minute changeovers and the shocking weather, they held it all together and made the best of what we had – well done

Sunday breakfast

Well it was time to head out of Lightning Ridge and yes it was sunny and the locals thanked us for the best rain they had received in 4 years – so we stopped and had a look at the John Murray Art Gallery (brilliant and worth going to and free to look) and stopped at the local radio station to hand in some of my albums plus say gday you know the touristy bit

Monday tourist and time to go

Then the happy touristy happy snap wish you were here type photo…

Wish you were here

Well it was an interesting weekend and we’re going to the WRV Club NSW Xmas Party in December which is on the coast at the White Albatross or similar with about 50+ Winnebagos so should be interesting.

Hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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Aunty Winne gets a face lift

Aunty Winne is getting a face lift and the reasoning behind…

Someone said to me that Auny Winne as I affectionately call her needs a face lift.   Now Aunty Winne is not a person as such but rather a Winnebago based on a Mazda T4600 that I own.   She’s nice and comfortable but rather plain on the outside I’ve been told.

Aunty Winne standard

Personally I think she looked lovely but people kept saying “It pays to advertise you know…”, but did I mention she’s comfortable to drive and live in, I mean she has a bed in the back unlike some plus separate toilet and shower and… well you get the drift.   The only thing is you need a truck licence to drive but I have a semi-trailer licence so all good.

I get the hint so I search for and find the local sign writers…

 Now it wasn’t hard to find the local sign writers as there is only one in town, so I thought ok I’ll just design something take the laptop down with my handiwork and see what they think and of course the important part – the cost!   Below is what I came up with on my laptop.

Aunty Winne my drawing sm

To cut a long story short the price was great and within literally minutes they had my design drafted and so the go ahead was given.

The journey to change Aunty Winne begins…

 Working on the front with the tack tape still on


Working on the back with tack tape on


The Journey is complete

Back completed and looks just like my original picture but with a bit extra added and yes I am happy with that (and no they are not bars like a jail cell in the picture I’m standing on the outside)


And yes the front looks just like the picture I provided to them and yep you guessed it I am happy!


So if you are in Victoria and you need a good signwriter then look up The Marx & Weston Sign Shop from Kyneton.   They’re friendly, believe in customer satisfaction and above all… do a great job!

The Marx & Weston Sign Shop

So if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Till next time, take care

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Photo Shoot at Three Waters

A photo shoot or three

What can I say…  I was asked to do a photo shoot whilst at Three Waters High Country Holidays as the scenery was what I was told perfect.

Now I shouldn’t be self conscious but I am not totally used to having photos taken when it is set up so to speak.   It is one thing having them taken when you are performing or not aware of the camera but when someone says “thats it – now look natural” or… well theres heaps they say and it just feels unnatural when they are saying act natural!

Anyways here are some of the shots that were taken and these along with others will get added to the gallery section soon.

White Hat and shirt…



Not so serious ones sorta…


Now which toilet do I go into ha ha



 Black Hat and White Shirt…






Black Hat and Black Shirt…




I hope you like the pictures, as I said earlier there are more which will get added to a gallery of pictures soon – they have to be resized so as not to be toooo large for here.

So one more which is Dave the horse and I signing off until next time… Leigh

Leigh with Dave the horse tongue sticking out

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


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Always fun, the Crackin’ Cancer Fundraiser at Three Waters

Crackin' Cancer






Man what a great time was had at the 4th annual Three Waters Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trail Ride fundraiser.   This one was held at Three Waters in Bullock Mountain near Glen Innes NSW, AUST.   Now this event was held over the course of a week (16-22nd March) but we got there earlier in the previous week so we could you know get ready like even bringing my coffee cup (not the small one) – read on…

leighs coffee cup comparison

As you can see by having the large cup I’ve reduced the number of coffees I have each day – that should keep the doctor happy, I mean I’m drinking less cups of coffee right?  🙂

The accommodation for most people was staying in their horse floats which were from one end of the property to the other.  Some stayed in what they call a Caracabin which is like a caravan with a cabin attached whilst some stayed in cabins and others stayed in tents – brrr.  Yes I was lucky to stay in what I affectionately call Aunty Winne which is an 8mt Winnebago which I have used to travel around and incidentally I now own.   Yes I know spoilt, but hey you sleep on a blow up mattress for a week which I have done on many occasions – it was time to come up in the world and yes I am smiling!

Aunty Winne


As you can see in the photos below people rode horses and had fun even after riding between 20 and 30km – even I had a go though I didn’t attempt to go on their longrides… hmmm maybe next time.


Leigh on Dave riding


Leigh with Dave the horse tongue sticking out

Ok that was me with Dave the horse upstaging me after riding him – yes he stuck his tongue out and pulled a face and no it wasn’t wind, what do they say never work with kids or animals…

horses by the river

And of course the horses which are really the ones in control discussing which way to go…

horses discussing which way to go

And the legend himself… Steve Langley

Steve Langley a legend

What else can I say people were relaxing with a beverage or two and others were mucking about having a dance whilst I was doing I guess what I do best – singing and playing music.


steve and friend debbie relaxing


people relaxing and mucking about

The Crackin’ Cancer crew including myself even posed for a photo and even family and cousins were all there enjoying themselves.   Yes I can honestly say I enjoyed myself and I know I wasn’t the only one.

crackincancer crew

As I said doing what I do best…

leigh singing

I had a ball and from what everyone else told me so did they which means I don’t know about you but I will be there for the next one which might even be as early as October this year.

Any way I guess thats enough for this one and I’ll finish by saying thanks to everyone that made this a success and heres hoping the next one at Three Waters High Country Holidays is just as successful if not more so.

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Until next time…

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