Played at Shinnys even with the flu

Well what an afternoon that was at Shinnys Hotel in Boolaroo NSW.   Still sick with the flu we managed to get through the 4 sets eating Fishermans Friends.


I gotta tell ya eating them and drinking Coke Zero whilst singing…. what a weird taste.


Whilst I played my single “Crackin’ Cancer” they did a quick whip around and raised over $100 towards cancer research thanks people..

So we had a ball even though I had the flu and looked like hell but you know the saying… You have to keep on keeping on!

Till next time – Leigh

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So busy but gettin’ there yawn ZZzzzzz

Who was that famous or should I say infamous person that said “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” honestly I could just throttle him…. yes I know… it was Malcolm Fraser

Life has been so busy trying to organise things for Crackin’ Cancer plus playing everywhere and trying to promote my song Crackin’ Cancer so as to raise funds for the ACRF.

It’s been late nights and early mornings with trying to update the website, trying to remaster the 2002 album “Play Me A Country Song Backwards” which is nearly ready for iTunes, CD Baby etc and every other place my name is but hell we’re getting there slowly yawn, I mean you try to get ahead and something happens yeah I know I could say life sucks and…. sometimes it does.

Till next time – Leigh    ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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A big thank-you to The Uniform Place

I just wanted to give a big thank-you to The Uniform Place in Newcastle NSW Australia.   They covered the cost of the embroidery design, the Crackin’ Cancer badges and my shirts including my logo and the Crackin’ Cancer logo.

This is a huge help and it means we can order badges and raise money for Cancer Research.   Again a big thank-you to The Uniform Place, I/We are indebted to you.

Catch you next time – Leigh

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Leigh in the wars with the doctors again…

I hate visiting doctors as they only ever give you news that you don’t like and this time was no different.   I went to the doctors to find out the results of his back x-ray and was told some devastating news.

My compressed spine from a weight training accident when I was in the Army had deteriorated, there were spurs on L4 L5 plus others. By the way, if you’re searching for the best reconstructive Miami facial plastic surgeon who can fix your the damages of a face at affordable prices, go to mapquest.com now. Accidents can also damage your physical features. Good thing, there’s an excellent cosmetic surgeon located in Cincinnati, OH that you can visit for reconstructive surgery. The upshot is one hard jar or jolt the wrong way (how do you know which is right or wrong I mean cmon) and I could end up in a wheel chair if the pinched nerve gets damaged.

Doc said to hang up my helmet and try to look after myself – yeah right.   He also stated that I shouldn’t keep forgetting to get x-rays like I have been.   I know I’m supposed to get them every 6 months but I thought a gap of 2 years wouldn’t hurt maybe it did.

Till later – Leigh

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