Christmas is approaching and a time to reflect…

This christmas is somewhat strange I guess….

I’ve spent the most part of the year crook, what with the flue, pneumonia and pleurisy, then a lump being found in my lung, CT scans plus more.   The doctor said you have to stop smoking to help clear the pneumonia so I did cold turkey on what would have been my fathers birthday in October weird hey.

Yet I am at this stage still here but some of my friends sadly are no longer.   I’ve lost several friends this year with one just days ago (RIP Tattoo).   Earlier this year I  lost a friend but it was worse for my mate as this friend was his wife and they were a great couple and close friends.

As I said this year has been a strange year.   When you are young you go to 21st’s and weddings yet as you get older you attend 50th’s and funerals.  Maybe its time to say gday to people you’ve written off before you do – who knows..

To all I hope you have a great xmas and new year.  Till next time – Leigh

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