Country Music Fans US or Oz who gets behind fundraising more??

Crackin' Cancer songIt is interesting when someone writes and records a song to help raise funds for an organisation or charity and then the ongoing process of trying to promote or sell the song/concept or idea.

I was asked to play (donate my time) at a week long fundraiser to help raise funds for Cancer Research and as they said ‘Research is the answer – Funding is the Key‘.   I guess I couldn’t argue with that especially as I had lost my father to cancer.

As I watched CMC/CMT I guess I could applaud the amount of press that was shown as support for this artist or that artist and their fans in relation to a charity they supported & personally I think thats great because charities help people.

Supporting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation

I spoke to many people regarding the song Crackin’ Cancer and as they sat there with their $15 pub/hotel meals and cans of beer or spirits they all said ‘love the song’ or ‘You’re donating the profits – thats wonderful’ yet they won’t spend a dollar and download the song even though they’ve just gone and spent $20 on raffle tickets.  Is this only in Australia or does this happen overseas as well.

I bought some raffle tickets from the Red Cross and another bloke said ‘sorry love I’m broke’ then he went into the supermarket bought smokes, a magazine, chips some lollies and paid cash go figure.

I also read this article how to make internet income recently in a blog…

“Country Music Artist and Affiliate Marketer Billy Kay donates proceeds of single to Charity” read more…

and I thought yeah good onya mate and someone else ran the article.

Maybe over here it is only if it is going to get good press that people will do something but if you do what you say then good press can follow…

I don’t know what you think, all I can see is overseas fans seem to support their artists and causes with more gusto and enthusiasm and don’t mind putting their hand in their pocket and spending a dollar.   Just asking is all.

Till next time – Leigh

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