Do we think toooo much as we get older??? – I think somoney

thinkingSometimes I think as we get older we think way too much into things, no seriously we do…

For example, I watched Hotel Transylvania the other night and I thought it was brilliant, catchy songs, interesting characters and the humour wasn’t just for little kids overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.


So off to bed I go and then as it does my eyes go bling and I’m wide awake why??? I started thinking about the movie; wait a minute I thought, vampire girl who’s 118yrs old looks great falls in love with a human who’s 21yrs, and they know they are meant to be with each other for ever…  Yes I hear you say “so what”, well forever ain’t going to be a long time unless she turns him into a vampire is it???   Thats it I thought problem solved which really shouldn’t have been an issue after all its only a kids cartoon movie and they wouldn’t care or would they?   That’s when I thought yep as we get older we think way too much into things.

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dogdooinbinFor instance on my walk the other morning this poor woman was picking up after her dog with a plastic bag on her hand, grimacing as she did it.

I’ll set the scene, it’s around 6:30am the suns poking its head up but it’s winter here and it’s still quite cool in the mornings – yep thats right whats warm is steaming…

So anyways, she picks it up, the dogs happy cause he’s feeling lighter and he’s a bigggg dog and well the owner she looks ill – I digress….  So I started thinking which really was a stupid thing to do.pick up after dog

I started thinking about the plastic bag, you see some Supermarkets and stores like Target charge you 10cents for a plastic bag and they want consumers to be responsible and try not to use plastic bags as they are bad for the environment ok I get that… other stores as well also give you plastic bags that over time break down and are also good for the environment as they disintegrate which yep I get that also (ask me about having one of those in the car opening the boot and whoosh instant snowstorm)

Anyhow… back to what I was saying or rather thinking… if pet owners have to place there animals poops into plastic bags then into bins, then that means if the bags aren’t environmently friendly then in 100 years after everything breaks down we’ll have all of these preserved almost fresh doggie doos sitting in bags waiting for scientists to go yep.. this area was prevalent with German Shepards hmmm whereas this area had schitzus… sorry…

As you see I think we tend to think way too much as we get older… I’ll leave you with this websites 

I wonder who was the first person to look at a chicken and say “yep I’m gonna eat the first thing that comes out of that chickens bum.”

I wonder who thought “ok so 6 chefs have died trying to eat that poisonous japanese fish I’m sure I can find the non-poisonous part” wrong RIP number 7… who’s next

FYI – Fugu (puffer or blowfish) is the Japanese name for the most delicate, dangerous, and expensive fish in the world that, in spite of being extremely poisonous is a delicacy.

Sorry one more thing… who in the hell went to the trouble of making this sign up no seriously they must have more than too much time on their hands… make me shiver



Honestly… so do you think way too much or look into things and ask hmm I wonder??? let me know, pleasant dreams y’all.  Oops sorry one more thing… should horse riders going through town have to poop scoop or other large animal owners???

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Anyway till next time


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