Good afternoon playin at Shinnys except for the grumpy old bastard…

We had a good afternoon playin at Shinnys Hotel as we normally do.

Still can’t get over this flu bug thanks to Fishermans Friends we got through it.



I gotta tell ya eating them and drinking Coke Zero ok and Bundy Rum whilst singing…. what a weird taste.

Now I don’t know if it was the flu bug but I just couldn’t get the sound right but everybody seemed to like it so it could’ve been me.

I played my single “Crackin’ Cancer” twice as requested and a few people had tears in their eyes having lost loved ones from Cancer.   They asked me to place a collection tin there so they could help me raise money.. have to look into where you can buy them.

Afterwards when packing up this grumpy old bastards said “You gotta keep the doors shut after 6pm” try doin that when you’re carrying equipment out yeh right.    So he shut the doors after I went out and I opened them again to go back in and carry more gear out with him grumbling words like “you’d be a smart arse”.   Funny even the patrons were telling the staff to kick him out and he’ only just arrived.   Guess he don’t like country music.

So we had fun even though I had the flu, looked like shit but you know the saying… You have to keep on keeping on!

Till next time – Leigh

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