Great time playing at Shinnys Hotel marred by mates motorcycle accident…

Man I had a top time playing at Shinnys Hotel, the place looked packed both inside and plenty of people outside – makes you feel better.

A couple of ladies stated they read about me playing on Facebook so decided to check me out instead of somebody else – my thanks to you both.

A few mates turned up after going for a ride and gave me a hand to pack up (I had already done that).  After a bit we all left and all seemed fine, stopped at the Golden Arches for some dinner and went home and crashed out as I was buggered.

I awoke the next morning to find out my 2 mates (1 a passenger) had been involved in a bike accident not long after we left and were in hospital in a serious condition, we’re talking punctured lung, broken femurs, ribs, wrists, ankles and more. I know a good law firm, so I checked out oregonaccidentattorney.com and called them immediately to ask about the next moves we should take under the circumstances. I went in there, but they were too out of it to notice. That’s was a very bad surprise. It took them long to recover. They were lucky to get a good lawyer who managed to get them compensation they deserve (click here to learn more about this law firm).

You can see by the picture of his Harley V-Rod Muscle as to how serious it was, forks snapped, handle bars snapped – its a write off.

The bike can be replaced, you guys can’t so both of you get well and see you soon.

Till next time – Leigh

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