I thought this year was about good luck… started out not so!

2013_happy_new_yearHonestly life sucks sometimes… seriously

I was driving back from mums on New Years Day (it was a small trip some 700 miles or so) and I was thinking back to a conversation I had had with mum on Christmas day.    I was saying to mum in a not so politically correct way that I hope the new year (2013) has a bit more luck than the year to date (2012).   Cause I would really like to find the chinaman that I had run over to give me all this bad luck, and mum said that it was like I had run over the whole country!

So getting back to New Years Day I thought yes this year will be a good ‘un.   1st mistake never 2013_new_year_resolutiondrive on New Years Day, the Service Stations are choccas, idiots are on the road sight seeing and generally it is a nightmare even during the day!

I went to stop at a Service Centre at a place called Yass and it was 7 deep at each pump so I thought intercourse this I gonna drive through.   I hit a huge pothole and the drivers headlight glass fell out smashing into well a lot of pieces and I thought great; bloody Jeeps bloody great start to the year.

Forever feeling positive and upbeat (yada yada yada) I arrived where I was going and thought great got rid of the bad luck on the first day – see positive; and for the next few days waited for one to arrive from eBay and then fitted it.

Yeah so I hear you say – well my fourbee was sitting on the nature strip and I went to go for a walk in the morning and the side rear window (cargo) had a neat small round hole through it about the size of a bb or .22 and I thought well theres bad luck round 2!IMG_0346

There has been other things like being unable to upload pictures into wordpress it says they are there but only show question marks (grrrr) and we’re only into week 3 of the new year groan…

Anyway Happy New Year to all and I hope you have a great year and please if you have too much good luck throw some my way, now where are those bloody chinamen I ran over???

Till next time…

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

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