Leigh’s album ‘Play Me A Country Song Backwards’ released

Play Me A Country Song Backwards

The album ‘Play Me A Country Song Backwards‘, has 14 tracks all of which were written, played, recorded and engineered by Leigh Warren himself – not a bad effort for what is technically his first album – confused??.

Leigh completed the album ‘Play Me a Country Song Backwards‘ in 2002, however due to health issues relating to Major Depression the album was never actually released.   Shame considering the following he was receiving BUT the good news is that the album is now available digitally for download on iTunes, CDBaby plus others.

The album is a collection songs ranging from Ballads such as ‘So If Your Gonna Leave Me‘, Romantic songs like ‘Dance a Little Closer To Me‘, Country Rock with ‘Queen Of The Rodeo‘ thru to humerous songs such as ‘Play Me A Country Song Backwards‘ plus many more including an ‘old school’ style Truckie song Keep On Truckin’ –  remember there’s 14 tracks on this album.

The title song on the album is based on the question Leigh always gets asked of ‘why do you always lose everything in country music’ but  this has a twist – you see if you play the song backwards in theory you should get back everything you lost which makes sense but be carefull what you wish for…

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