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Music Videos and a One Month Song challenge – Can I do it?

Well here we are already 2 weeks into January and I’m behind again, well kinda.   Let me explain…   I was asked to do a lyric video to my song Keep On Truckin’ which I had never done before – no worries this should be interesting and by the end of the first week – done! Concerning the promotion and subscribers of video, can do the work. Just visit their website for more details.

Final Cut Pro Keep On Truckin

Good reviews (thanks peoples) and it was fun as well.

Well the next challenge was from Graham Cochrane the founder of The Recording Revolution.


He issued a challenge “The One Song One Month Challenge (And Gear Giveaway)and this would run from Jan 1 thru to 31.   My song for the Challenge would be “No You Ain’t The One”
Logic Pro X my songWell here we are 2 weeks in and I’m only just starting oops, ok I will try but I am behind and its not an easy ask as I said I am 2 weeks behind.  I have the tracks recorded and I’m doing the EQ’ing at the moment fingers crossed!!   On a side note I got mum a plush Minion and that put a smile on her face plus the fact that I have been here since just before Xmas and I’m staying here for another couple of weeks.
Mums Minions

Anyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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