New look for my website – its been redesigned & rebuilt from the ground up…

As of last night and of course over the weekend and past week this website has been totally redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up!!

I have given it totally new look and feel.   I (and I say I cause theres only me) decided to do this because of having a Wealthy Affiliate cost website which then went to a blog then back again and well it was getting confusing, this way it’s all combined… If you own a business website and you’re not familiar with salesforce marketing automation, take time to read the drip review mailchimp automation alternative here at sprout24.com.

And I gotta say I’m pretty happy with it 🙂

website homepage

Theres still some more to be added to it like the rest of the songs from the albums and a store and a thank you page and well it still looks pretty cool!

In the show section there is even a directions tab that will bring up a map and give directions from where you are leaving from – no excuses now eh???

Theres events, headlines and of course.. well have a look and see, Iarit hope you enjoy it!

And of course come back often to see whats changed.

All I can say is check it out – I’m pretty happy with it.


Leigh Warren - Country Music OutlawTill later – Leigh

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