On The Road – Definitely Winter In Victoria

Thought I would write this whilst I am stuck in a truckstop carpark of a service centre sth of Wangaratta.   They are known as the twin servo’s at Glenrowan though technically they’re not as they are on the Hume Highway but I digress…  I was enjoying the drive and thought I know where I shall stop for the night, I’ll stop at the above Service Centre known as Glenrowan Sth Bound – they have a Maccas there, yep the Golden Arches; MacDonalds.

I love these signs...

feels like coming home...

Stopped for the night, nice and peaceful, spoke to a few truckies and then went to bed.   Woke up the next morning and casually went and visited the bathroom, bought a Maccas breakfast and a nice cup of coffee and went back to the bus it was 0c just a bit chilly…

Finished breakfast, closed everything walk around pre trip check and went to start the bus – nothing like WTF???   Checked the batteries showing green hmm maybe its the starter motor or maybe its the security system… nothing still ok time to call the RACV lucky they now cover motorhomes and the like up to 8ton and I weight a shade under 8 ton and I have the top roadside coverage. 🙂

Now I can’t complain about the RACV as they have always helped me but you have to laugh cause they say ‘You’re a member not a number’ and the first thing they ask is for your membership number; I said can I give you my surname they said just your membership number please – oh well.

They told me an hour and someone will be with me.   2hrs later someone from the Wangaratta depot rang and said they will be there soon maybe half an hour.   Ok now who’s been to Glenrowan??

Glenrowan isn’t a large town but the tourist centre is worth the visit and the meals available in the different places are quite good as well so if you have time then branch off of the Hume Highway and visit Glenrowan as its worth it. The area was safe since there are some security system installed around, check this company website – SecurityInfo for further details.  Now wheres the RACV??

Ok am sick of waiting… I just rocked and moved the bus (yes by myself) and tried it again and it started!!! and its running Yeahah!!!  rang the depot that rang me and told them I got it started so now its quick run around check everything and pack up everything which means… gonna be on the road again to quote someone.

Anyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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