Photo Shoot at Three Waters

A photo shoot or three

What can I say…  I was asked to do a photo shoot whilst at Three Waters High Country Holidays as the scenery was what I was told perfect.

Now I shouldn’t be self conscious but I am not totally used to having photos taken when it is set up so to speak.   It is one thing having them taken when you are performing or not aware of the camera but when someone says “thats it – now look natural” or… well theres heaps they say and it just feels unnatural when they are saying act natural!

Anyways here are some of the shots that were taken and these along with others will get added to the gallery section soon.

White Hat and shirt…



Not so serious ones sorta…


Now which toilet do I go into ha ha



 Black Hat and White Shirt…






Black Hat and Black Shirt…




I hope you like the pictures, as I said earlier there are more which will get added to a gallery of pictures soon – they have to be resized so as not to be toooo large for here.

So one more which is Dave the horse and I signing off until next time… Leigh

Leigh with Dave the horse tongue sticking out

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


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