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Dreamers and Would Be’s and Outlaws Like Me

Title : Dreamers and Would Be's and Outlaws Like Me
Release Date : November 1, 2010
Label :
Format : Digital Download

The second album ‘Dreamers and Would Be’s and Outlaws Like Me’ has 19 tracks all of which were written, played, recorded and engineered by Leigh himself and was completed in 2003.

The album is a collection songs ranging from Ballads such as ‘Neath The Neon Light’, Romantic songs like ‘Let Me Love You Forever More’, Country Rock with ‘Let Me Be Your Cowboy Tonight’ thru to humerous songs such as ‘Kiss My Ass’ plus many more –  remember there’s 19 tracks on this album.

The title song on the album is based on the types of people that exist with some people wishing they could be someone else, some people having the clothing but then its only a costume and others like Leigh that are who they are because the path chose them.

The album was actually finished in 2003 and reviewed by Ron & Judy Collingburn for Country Music Capital News (Australia’s major Country Music Publication) in which they stated “It is a great Australian Country Album”.  Not a bad review for Leigh when you think that he did all the work himself – then maybe that is the secret.

Because of health issues relating to Major Depression the album was never actually released which is a shame considering all the good press and the following he was receiving BUT the good news is that the album is now available digitally for download on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon plus others.

So take the time have a listen and enjoy Leigh Warren – we know you will.


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