Short and Sweet – Bit Like Telstra and Internet/Phone Connectivity Since January

teltra_sucks Well here we are, its halfway through March and finally we are back online and… online without it dropping off, thanks Telstra – hmm can you hear the sarcasm?? and a big thanks Deb for your patience dealing with them.   I got up from Victoria mid February and there was no Internet or phone and hadn’t been since about the 3rd week of January, therefore my One Month One Song Challenge got stuffed up yep you guessed some of the files were in the cloud – not happy Jan!


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The average time spent on the phone with customer support, on hold, being sent from one operator to another was approximately 2hrs which doesn’t help when using a pre-paid phone and on another network and that was each call and trust me there was plenty.   I can relate to the below picture cause that is just about what we went through cept we made more calls and hmm more of all actually.


By the 3rd week of Feb a technician rang on the house phone which scared the bejesus out of me and said is it working (this is a joke right we’re talking) explained the problem said things should be right now – great so I went out came back 2 hrs later after a meeting with the Campervan & Motorhome Club (CMCA) and guess what… yep you guessed it not working again – more phone calls.

telstra wiring

They came back with its a wiring problem we’ll send a tech charge you $170 and it should be right by the 1st of March WHAT???  we’ve had nothing since January you’re kidding??   By this time I needed a coffee as you can see (maybe a rum and JD as well)

Leigh needs coffee

Finally they fixed it although they haven’t said what it was.  Its now been on since just before the weekend without dropping out or working at a snails pace ok maybe not all that quick but they just said they have to replace a line and its been given a priority and pushed up the line – yeah right is that a pun as well??   Does this mean it will drop out again cause I know as soon as I hear a buzz on the house phone I know it won’t be long and it will die again.   God love you Telstra pity Optus doesn’t do landlines around here.   I guess now its catch up time with everything 🙂


On a side note the town where mum lives can’t get Telstra Broadband or NBN but the town where my brother lives which is a tenth of the size they get both go figure…

Anyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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