So busy but gettin’ there yawn ZZzzzzz

Who was that famous or should I say infamous person that said “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” honestly I could just throttle him…. yes I know… it was Malcolm Fraser

Life has been so busy trying to organise things for Crackin’ Cancer plus playing everywhere and trying to promote my song Crackin’ Cancer so as to raise funds for the ACRF.

It’s been late nights and early mornings with trying to update the website, trying to remaster the 2002 album “Play Me A Country Song Backwards” which is nearly ready for iTunes, CD Baby etc and every other place my name is but hell we’re getting there slowly yawn, I mean you try to get ahead and something happens yeah I know I could say life sucks and…. sometimes it does.

Till next time РLeigh    ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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