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Spirit Of The ANZACS Hartwood Campfires and Country Music Yep Still Busy


It’s funny how things go, sometimes things can be quiet and then other times its just one thing after the other and that my friends is what April is about – busy times with planning not rest in-between…
As you know the 1st April played at Rathmines now a few days later and it was off to see the Spirit Of The Anzacs show in Newcastle – amazing!!.

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It’s quite an experience and not only visually, as when you go in you are given an iPod and headphones (not to keep) which work on WiFi.   Each section you go into kicks off the sounds relevant to that time and a narrative.   Heres some pictures from some of those sections and if it runs again next year then I suggest you go its well worth plus its free – can’t argue with that..

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So a few days later, bus is packed and it’s off to Hartwood Campfires and Country Music albeit slowly cause of traffic but on the way never the less…

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What can I say… this was my first time there and I had a fantastic time!   The people were great, the fans were great and reception I received was yep you guessed it great!   Every Easter, the Hartwood gates open to the public to enjoy first-class entertainment in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.   A campfire stage, set amongst the gum trees, presents a combination of professional and ‘walk up’ artists every night from Wednesday through to Sunday, while a second stage provides non-stop professional entertainment on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday and Sunday, with great country music.

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Tom Maxwell, another great country singer (standing on the left of the picture), greets most people when they arrive and is forever running around to ensure all is good and people are happy.   Another person who was always busy was me mate Plugger.   He always ensured that on stage everything ran smoothly although he wouldn’t let me tell my Little Johnny joke but he liked it.   Now, Hartwood Campfires & Country Music Festival is held at Hartwood, a 1680-acre property on the Coolah-Gunnedah Road in central New South Wales (previously owned by Paul and Helen McCloud).    New owners, Chrys & Maria Kelly (great people), purchased the property early in 2015 choosing to continue the running of this ever-popular festival and keeping it to its traditional time of Easter.

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Above is what you see when you first enter and at this early stage there was about 1000 caravans and motorhomes there with a lot more to arrive over the next few days.    The trees way over the back are where I parked in a place called Dusty Corner with fellow members of the CMCA Chapter I’m with.

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I‘ll let you know more in the next episode after I get back.    Yep it is fun time, theres sun, sand, rum, music, rum, singing and playing guitar and did I mention rum?   Now people said they tried to ring but couldn’t get on to me well thats cause to get any signal I had to walk a kilometre no kidding…
Anyway below is a video that a fan took of me…

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Anyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40
Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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