State of Origin run at Kempsey Showgrounds NSW not sure who won tho!

Friday the 5th of June it was time to go to a quiet place to work on music and endeavour to finish that elusive album – it wasn’t to be tho and here’s why and yep this picture is a hint…

state of origin

Arrived at the Kempsey Showgrounds on the Saturday after a lazy drive north for a few days.   They have power, water and its fairly peaceful just what I needed.   As you can see there was blue skies and all – right, out came the laptop and the headphones and power connected to mains – tick, take photo and then set up awning, chairs, mat etc and put kettle on – tick… and relax!

Kempsey Showgrounds

But then the person near me asked if I was there to watch the State of Origin; there would be a lot of action and the kids and adults enjoy it as well… pardon??? isn’t that on next week I said??? um like on Wednesday night??? nope he said, practice and qualifying tonight and racing tomorrow… Hang on I said; practice??? qualifying??? what kinda of State of Origin is it – Mower Racing he said and it’ll be great!   I was gobsmacked, yep lost for words although for a minute I thought I was visiting relatives in America, an then he showed me the poster…

 Kempsey Mower Racing Add

Now I’m not sure how or why I didn’t see the sign as I drove in but it was too late I was here and as I looked across the oval so were they…  Ok I thought, I’ve never seen this before but I’ve had a go in Sprintcars and I’ve raced sports sedans so I guess I’m a petrol head lets go and watch the action.   Checked out the pits, and they remind me of the old mini modified speedway class except they’re ride on mowers, ok so kinda like go-karts on dirt.

state of origin pits

Well I didn’t get much music work done on the Saturday night as they were out and about but it was interesting to watch and the kids were enjoying it as much as the parents were, actually it wasn’t bad at all.    On Sunday there was the Kempsey Bird show on in the pavilion and on the show ground oval there was the mower racing and they were going for it, sideways round the bends (both left and right – no oval track here) and rooster tails.   There was one that sounded like my harley and yes it had a V-Twin but it was from something else AND yes it was fun to watch.

 Kempsey Mower Racing

Now Sundays racing was run over most of the day and at the end of it I’m not sure whether NSW won or Queensland did but I did end up watching it all and speaking to several of the people that raced including the President and Vice President of the hosting club from Kempsey.   This was written on their facebook page by the President…

“Well what a top weekend. Great racing and fun was had by all, congratulations to the two Jason’s for 1st and 2nd in Group 1 and G Dog and Ross for taking out Group 2, and G Dog on a new mower well done. No racing incidents, just some friendly bumping but good clean racing with respect shown to the less experienced riders. So I would like to thank everyone involved for there help and generosity and can’t wait to do it again, if any clubs would like to get involved in next years event, drop us a line and have a chat.”

Thank you Michael (President)

There is as I found out, lawn mower racing all over Australia and if you look on google or your search engine of choice you will find plenty of reading material to occupy your time.   As I said earlier, I’m not sure who won the State of Origin also known as the Shannons inter club challenge but it was enjoyable to say the least and makes you want to have a go and apparently there is a budget to suit most from kids to adults.   Again here is the facebook link to Kempsey’s Lawn Mower Racing just click –> https://www.facebook.com/KempseyMowerRacingClub

 A State-of-Origin-Series

Now this is a little late because the actual State of Origin NRL match was played tonight Wednesday June 17th and was won by NSW which means it is one a piece.   NSW (cockroaches) won 26 to Qld (cane toads) 18 at the MCG in Melbourne before a crowd of 91,513 and it was a hell of a game.

A round 2 mcg

Round 3 the decider will be played on Wednesday 8th July at Suncorp Stadium in Qld – and it will be an all in game, if you ask the fans blue or maroon the rivalry is fierce!

a round 3

On the down side… I was travelling down the Pacific Highway near Burdekins Gap when I blew a drivers steer tyre which took me into the next lane.   Luckily there was no one beside me although the bikes behind me and the cars must have wondered what was going on.   My apologies to anyone that took evasive action as coming down a hill in a truck based motorhome and blowing a front tyre is a scary proposition.   I was stuck on the side of the highway for over 3 hours changing the tyre because of the proximity to the highway (right next to the lane).   Thank you to the truckies that moved over going past and thank you to the CMCA members that stopped to see if I was ok.   No one was hurt and Aunty Winne(bago) seemed ok as well.

 a blown tyre Berdikens Gap

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