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December – Its All About Lists, Rushing About And Counting Down


You know that when December rolls around it’s gonna be a mad panic to get everything done and the list never seems to get any shorter – I have serious one, funny ones and… well just read them 😉

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Call me Rip Van Winkle dead set…

White Xmas 2013

Well one minute I was at mums and also visiting my daughter and it was Christmas, next it was New Years Eve and on the telly mum and I were watching 2014 roll in and the fireworks.


Next thing you know January has finished huh??? and it’s February.   So I help me mate move his mum to Melbourne and that way I can visit my mum and what a surprise… If you hire Platinum Removals, they make sure to treat your valuable belongings with the highest regard. mum loved it and so did I – well except the moving furniture bit you know sore back an all 🙂

Now somewhere in this month there was Valentines Day and my mate sent a dozen roses to his missus work – me? well I had committee meetings and damn I think I forgot Valentines Day…



Now February is over and so is Summer it’s the start of March and Autumn yikes!!!   I’m trying to work out where has the time gone and what have I achieved or done??

leigh feeding horse

I mean its nearly time to pack Aunty Winne and head off to the Crackin’ Cancer fundraiser up at Bullock Mountain.  Ah yes a week of horses as well as I get to sing and play Country Music for a week and raise paydaynow money for Cancer Research; ok so that pretty good.    Hang on thats just over a week away man time to get busy, gotta get the laptop ready, the go pro cameras and heaps of other stuff – yikes.

trip home


Like I said in the beginning I am feeling a bit like Rip Van Winkle – times seems to have flown past and I don’t know what I’ve done or achieved, all I know is that I have been busy.



Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Anyway till next time y’all