Great fun, the event at Three Waters in Bullock Mountain for Crackin’ Cancer

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Man what a wonderful time was had this year at the Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trail Ride fundraiser held at Three Waters in Bullock Mountain near Glen Innes NSW, AUST.   Now this event was held over the course of a week (13-20th April) but we got there earlier in the previous week so we could gear upto it – read on…

The Transport & Accommodation – We were fortunate enough thanks to Danny Gascoyne of A1 Group Removals & Storage to be offered the use of his personal Winnebago based on a Mazda T4600 Truck.


Now the incredible thing was that this being a turbo diesel it only used the same amount of fuel as what my 96′ Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd towing a trailer did last year, I think I might just sell all and buy one and travel this country playing music anyway I digress…

As I said I had the Winnebago and Marshall Fittler the President of Crackin’ Cancer had a Caravan and Laurie Cooper the Vice President had a roof mounted tent on his Toyota Landcruiser as can be seen… I think I had the best accommodation what do you think??


The People, Pets & Their Accommodation – This year saw over 40 riders plus their partners friends, kids, dogs and even a Macaw Parrot that liked rolling onto it’s back and having his stomach scratched – I kid you not oh and of course all the horses, wouldn’t be a horse trail ride without them now would it…

Most of the people stayed in their horse floats (spread everywhere – too far for me to walk and take a photo), some stayed in tents (not many) and some stayed in cabins.   Not included in the below photo are about another twenty plus floats/fifth wheelers that were located in another yard call the Horseotel Yard (as I said too far to walk and take a photo).


And The Real Star – It truly was an amazing time with Steve Langley the owner of Three Waters (76yrs young) donning a baseball cap backwards and doing a rap song about a bloke named Joe and Fish (wish I had recorded it) and the people mesmerised by him – even me, he’s a hard act to follow! onya mate.

Steve Langley I was a rappin

people enjoying rap


The Week That Was – I could go on and on but needless to say I had an absolute ball, played plenty of country music, raised lots of dollars for Crackin’ Cancer and the Cancer Council which of course means plenty of dollars for Cancer Research which as we know is very important!

On one of the nights we had an auction which raised nearly $2k which was fantastic!   There was many items including whips (no chains), hobble belts, clothing, alcohol and a skull hand painted by Robyn Baker which looked fantastic.



Friday The Last Ride – We of course had a ride into town to the Railway Tavern in Glen Innes and had a beautiful meal, yes I had Pizza although having lost weight meant I could only eat a medium and not a family size – don’t know how I did it last year.



After finishing lunch at the Railway Tavern it was time to mount up and head back to the property.   It meant traversing over the old abandoned railway lines again and the twenty plus kilometre trek back.   This was the last ride of the week (Friday) and would be finished with a beautiful spit roast like last year – yummmm.

The Sad Bit The Trip Home – Anyway all that remains is the trip home for me which was both enjoyable but sad as I could have really stayed up their for a lot longer, I miss the bush and don’t like leaving.  There was friends from the last 2 years plus new friends that was made and hopefully we’ll all catch up again over the next 12 months – it’s a big country after all.   I’ll even miss the brown snakes that I saw on my early morning walks crossing the dirt road in front of me.   There was so much more that I could mention but then this would turn into a novel and would never end.

Anyways a picture of one the places I stopped at on the travels back, this place was a tribute to the first settlers with sails set up yet no water nearby – and why they had a pirate playground is beyond me (was fun tho & you can just see it if you look) but the amount of RV’s and Caravans that stay their overnight is incredible and yes I was one of them groan.

trip home

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Till next time peoples and if you see me then say hello – I don’t bite well not very often and I am fairly well house trained sorta.

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The 3rd Annual Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters Horse Trail Ride April 13th to April 20th 2013

Yes it’s on again!!!

From April 13th to April 20th 2013 “The 3rd Annual Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters Horse Trail Ride”

Steve leading the mob

Run in conjunction with Crackin’ Cancer and the Cancer Council NSW, this trail ride held at Three Waters in Glen Innes NSW, raises much needed funds for Cancer Research.

Crackin' Cancer Cancer Council of NSW

“This is the one cause that I will always support so make the effort, come along and spend a great week with other horse riders, horse lovers and lovers of the country lifestyle. And don’t forget to come and say hello” – Leigh Warren.


As the poster says…

Traverse Creeks, Rivers, Bush & Historic Mine Areas.
This is the land of the wild New England Ranges, country that few people will ever see other than landowners and stockmen.   Each day will see riders cover 25 to 30km going into different areas of magnificent country side, and at night enjoy live entertainment in the Gunyah with Country Music Artist Leigh Warren.
Run in-conjunction with Crackin’ cancer, The Cancer Council NSW and Three Waters High Country Holidays
For further information please contact…
Marshall Fittler 0411 840 797 or Laurie Cooper 0429 626 912


Event Details:
Steve Langley and Kerry Byrne from the Three Waters High Country Holidays, are again pleased to host the weeklong Great Crackin’ Cancer – Cancer Council NSW Horse Trail Ride, which runs from April 13th thru 20th.

This event will see many of the 2012 riders coming back for the 2013 ride. The ride will be run out of Three Waters, which is a 1200 acre property situated 15 kilometers from Glen Innes, in the picturesque New England region of NSW and will take in large cattle and sheep properties surrounding Three Waters.


At this stage, the number of riders will be cut off at 50.  A “cut off” date is yet to be decided however riders that attended in 2012 and their friends will get first opportunity. A deposit of $50 will apply to all riders.


Refunds will be available:(a) to those riders that miss the cut off.(b) to all riders, if the ride is cancelled and(c) to riders who can’t attend, should the organizers postpone the ride to a later date (for example, due to wet weather)


INSURANCE: For rider insurance purposes, all riders must be paid up members of Trail Riding Australia (or join Trail Riding Australia, to become paid up members) at the time of the ride (from April 13 to April 20 – 2013). To obtain membership for 2013 contact Trail Riding Australia. For your own benefit, please ensure you clarify all aspects of membership insurance coverage with Trail Riding Australia.

COST OF RIDE – SPONSORSHIP INCENTIVE: The Crackin’ Cancer–Cancer Council cost for riders will be $200. In saying that, riders can seek sponsorship money to help pay for all, or part of their 2013  Crackin’ Cancer-Cancer Council ride cost component – that being the $200 ONLY.  For those wishing to participate, it will be on a 50-50 basis. 50% of the sponsor money you raise will be a donation and 50% will go towards sponsoring your ride cost.


Example: If you want to cover your full Crackin’ Cancer-Cancer Council cost of $200, you will need to raise $400 ($200 as a donation and $200 as sponsorship). If you wish to cover half your ride cost, which would be $100, then you will need to raise $200 ($100 as a donation and $100 as sponsorship). The sponsorship benefit is $200 maximum. This means, that If a rider raises more than $400, that rider can still only receive a maximum of $200 in sponsorship. All money raised above $400 will be a donation.


If you are interested, please send a self addressed envelope and a note requesting a Sponsorship Form to:


Crackin’ Cancer-Cancer Council NSW.
PO Box 531,
NSW 2477.


Any donation money over $2 is tax deductible, this means the 50% donation ONLY – NOT the 50% that goes towards rider sponsorship. This MUST be made clear to ALL sponsors/doners.  Riders PLEASE tick (yes) on the Sponsor/Doner Form for any doner who requires a receipt that will enable them to claim their 50 % donation money, on their tax.


The Cancer Council will send a receipt to the address stated on the sponsorship/donation form. Please write ALL sponsor/doner particulars down so they can be clearly understood.


COSTS: THREE WATERS HIGH COUNTRY HOLIDAYS :  All cabin and campsite bookings require a 25% non-refundable/ nontransferable deposit.   Accommodation and camping locations will be on a “first deposits paid  – will have first choice” basis.


Please BOOK accommodation with Three Waters High Country Holidays only –  Payments: must be made to Crackin’ Cancer.


All participants have full use of power at the popular Three Waters recreation facility called The Gunyah. The Gunyah has a kitchen (with 2 x 4 burner gas stoves and 2 fridges and a BBQ) a dining and rest area, showers and toilets.  Rider presence at the Gunyah is important in making the “out of saddle” component of the ride enjoyable to all and we encourage and appreciate your presence at the Gunyah, whenever you can manage it.


Agistment cost for a riders horse is $6 per day. Contact Steve Langley.


Campsites.  All persons. $10 per day/night.   Children. If any up to age 10 $5.00 per day/night.
Powered Campsites. All persons $12 per day/night.  Children. If any up to age 10 $6.00 per day/night.
Cabins. 1-2 Adults  $80 per day/night Extra adults $17.50 per person per day/night – Children if any up to age 10 – $13.00 per day/night.


Three Waters horses are available for hire – horse hire per day is $60.00. This includes shoeing and daily feeding.  Saddle and bridle provided if required. Due to horse preparation, a minimum advance notice of one month must be provided to prepare a horse for trail riding.  A non refundable  holding deposit of $100.00 is required for each horse minimum two weeks in advance. Payments for horse hire and agistment are to be made to Three Waters.


Please Note: to clarify all aspects of Three Waters High Country Holiday accommodation and conditions, plus horse hire, please contact Steve Langley.  Steve requires that whilst on Three Waters property, all riders must be current paid up members of Trail Riding Australia and be prepared to sign a Three Waters High Country Holidays waiver/ indemnity form.


Contact Details:

Crackin’ Cancer email: crackincancer@hotmail.com
President: Marshall Fittler 02 6624 4879 – 0411 840 797
Vice President: Laurie Cooper 02 6629 5453 – 042 9626 912


Steve Langley’s Three Waters High Country Holidays:
Phone: Homestead 02 67 324 863  email: stevelangley2003@yahoo.com.au


Head Ride Marshal:
Graeme Sleeman: Phone: 0400 941 389 or 0425 380 297 email: stick_a49@hotmail.com or graemes@gcess.org


Trail Riding Australia:
President: Wayne Marcantelli: marco.10@live.com.au
Secretary: Tricia Genders: genders04@hotmail.com
Membership and Insurance: Joan Playford jplayford@activ8.net.au


Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw
Hopefully I will see you there…
till next time – Leigh
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Merry Christmas to all and to all a Merry Christmas


This christmas is better than the last I guess…. I’m a lot fitter sort of.

After the previous year and part of this year crook, it’s now been over a year since I had a smoke.   The doctor said you have to stop smoking so I did then after blood tests and well I won’t bore you; I had to change my diet and so I have and also drink that horrible stuff water and between 2 and 3 litres of the stuff!!! yuck – apparently 13 cups of coffee a day doesn’t count.


Anyhoo… I had to go on a high protein low carb diet and walk 10,000 steps a day but its working as I’ve lost 21kgs to date which is all the weight I put on when I got crook.

I’ve been really busy which is good playing all around the traps and also raising monies for Cancer Research which is equally as good; well great really.

A great present to give and not only at Christmas is a donation to Cancer Research, because that is the gift that can keep on giving and like the circle of life might just come back around and help you or your family.

When you are young you go to 21st’s and weddings yet as you get older you attend 50th’s and funerals.  Maybe its time to say gday to people you’ve written off before you do – who knows..

To all and everyone, I hope you have a great xmas and new year – and please if you see me out and about come and say hello.

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw



Till next time

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Scone 2012 a great success bringing funds for Crackin’ Cancer

Well the Crackin’ Cancer event held at Scone this year has been run and done.   7 glorious sun filled days were had from Saturday 29th September through to Saturday 6th October although some did stay through the sunday.

The Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club ran the event for Crackin’ Cancer and a top job they did again just like last year. With rain on the Friday night it was anyones guess but come Saturday morning it was sunny and very hot for the remainder of the stay.

Mate I gotta say that the week didn’t start off too well with me paying the bus rego/insurance and then it wouldn’t start or go, so pack up the tent and all into the jeep and trailer and well as you can see we got there.   Only had to sleep on a blow up mattress for a week and a bit, but it didn’t matter as we got there and my job was to help out during the day and play during the afternoon and night.   Now you should see where I had to set up and play.   They said “well we have a nice open area for you and we should be able to get you some electricity, oh and do you have a bloody long extension cord??”

I got to play with the snakes (caught a nice black tiger snake), mice and everything else that lived in the open barn/stable amongst the bales of hay/lucerne.   But we had fun, as you can see below…

Anyway last year $8,000 was raised for Cancer Research for the week.   This year by the end of Saturday and I mean the very 1st day just over $9,000 had been raised – a top effort!   By the end of the week we had doubled last years amount, a tremendous effort by anybody’s account.

With selfless efforts of people like Marshall Fittler and Laurie Cooper from Crackin’ Cancer and the wonderful people who attended this event a wonderful outcome was achieved.

Thanks must also go to the property owners Duncan and Jilly Macintyre along with their two children, Hector and Florence who own and operate Tinagroo Station.

The property is a 10,000 acre working farm running cattle, sheep and an Australian stock horse stud.  It is situated in a secluded valley 29 Kim’s NNW of Scone, the horse capital of Australia and with easy access to world class horse studs and vineyards.

Tinagroo encompasses the top end of the valley with a no through road. There are high mountains, breathtaking views, areas of rainforest, a pristine creek and abundant native wildlife.

Next year we are not sure where this particular event will be held as the owners have sold the property.   Needless to say once again thank you for your hospitality over the last two years.

I personally would like thank Marshall and Laurie for making? me officially a part of the Crackin’ Cancer committee.   I look forward to helping on the many future events that Crackin’ Cancer participates in including but not limited to Camel Races, Motorcycle Poker Runs, various Equine Horse Trail events, Cattle Drives, Bombs Away (variety car bash) plus more.

Well I’ve rambled on for long enough, so until next time…. oh and if you wish to run an event and raise monies for cancer research, let me know and I will pass it on or you can email Marshall Fittler the president directly at crackincancer@hotmail.com

Crackin’ Cancer raises money for Cancer Research and is approved by the Cancer Council of NSW with donations over $2 tax deductible.

remember… Research is the answer, funding is the key.

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