Merry Christmas to all and to all a Merry Christmas


This christmas is better than the last I guess…. I’m a lot fitter sort of.

After the previous year and part of this year crook, it’s now been over a year since I had a smoke.   The doctor said you have to stop smoking so I did then after blood tests and well I won’t bore you; I had to change my diet and so I have and also drink that horrible stuff water and between 2 and 3 litres of the stuff!!! yuck – apparently 13 cups of coffee a day doesn’t count.


Anyhoo… I had to go on a high protein low carb diet and walk 10,000 steps a day but its working as I’ve lost 21kgs to date which is all the weight I put on when I got crook.

I’ve been really busy which is good playing all around the traps and also raising monies for Cancer Research which is equally as good; well great really.

A great present to give and not only at Christmas is a donation to Cancer Research, because that is the gift that can keep on giving and like the circle of life might just come back around and help you or your family.

When you are young you go to 21st’s and weddings yet as you get older you attend 50th’s and funerals.  Maybe its time to say gday to people you’ve written off before you do – who knows..

To all and everyone, I hope you have a great xmas and new year – and please if you see me out and about come and say hello.

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw



Till next time

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Scone 2012 a great success bringing funds for Crackin’ Cancer

Well the Crackin’ Cancer event held at Scone this year has been run and done.   7 glorious sun filled days were had from Saturday 29th September through to Saturday 6th October although some did stay through the sunday.

The Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club ran the event for Crackin’ Cancer and a top job they did again just like last year. With rain on the Friday night it was anyones guess but come Saturday morning it was sunny and very hot for the remainder of the stay.

Mate I gotta say that the week didn’t start off too well with me paying the bus rego/insurance and then it wouldn’t start or go, so pack up the tent and all into the jeep and trailer and well as you can see we got there.   Only had to sleep on a blow up mattress for a week and a bit, but it didn’t matter as we got there and my job was to help out during the day and play during the afternoon and night.   Now you should see where I had to set up and play.   They said “well we have a nice open area for you and we should be able to get you some electricity, oh and do you have a bloody long extension cord??”

I got to play with the snakes (caught a nice black tiger snake), mice and everything else that lived in the open barn/stable amongst the bales of hay/lucerne.   But we had fun, as you can see below…

Anyway last year $8,000 was raised for Cancer Research for the week.   This year by the end of Saturday and I mean the very 1st day just over $9,000 had been raised – a top effort!   By the end of the week we had doubled last years amount, a tremendous effort by anybody’s account.

With selfless efforts of people like Marshall Fittler and Laurie Cooper from Crackin’ Cancer and the wonderful people who attended this event a wonderful outcome was achieved.

Thanks must also go to the property owners Duncan and Jilly Macintyre along with their two children, Hector and Florence who own and operate Tinagroo Station.

The property is a 10,000 acre working farm running cattle, sheep and an Australian stock horse stud.  It is situated in a secluded valley 29 Kim’s NNW of Scone, the horse capital of Australia and with easy access to world class horse studs and vineyards.

Tinagroo encompasses the top end of the valley with a no through road. There are high mountains, breathtaking views, areas of rainforest, a pristine creek and abundant native wildlife.

Next year we are not sure where this particular event will be held as the owners have sold the property.   Needless to say once again thank you for your hospitality over the last two years.

I personally would like thank Marshall and Laurie for making? me officially a part of the Crackin’ Cancer committee.   I look forward to helping on the many future events that Crackin’ Cancer participates in including but not limited to Camel Races, Motorcycle Poker Runs, various Equine Horse Trail events, Cattle Drives, Bombs Away (variety car bash) plus more.

Well I’ve rambled on for long enough, so until next time…. oh and if you wish to run an event and raise monies for cancer research, let me know and I will pass it on or you can email Marshall Fittler the president directly at crackincancer@hotmail.com

Crackin’ Cancer raises money for Cancer Research and is approved by the Cancer Council of NSW with donations over $2 tax deductible.

remember… Research is the answer, funding is the key.

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The Great Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trail Ride at Three Waters is on again!!!


Crackin' Cancer LogoIts on again….

The Great Crackin’ Cancer/Cancer Council NSW Horse Trail Ride, to Raise Funds For Cancer Research

“This is the one cause that I will always support so make the effort, come along and spend a great week with other horse riders, horse lovers and lovers of the country lifestyle. And don’t forget to come and say hello” – Leigh Warren.

When: Saturday 12 May – Saturday 19 May 2012

Why: The purpose of the trail ride is to raise much needed funds, which are vital to the continuation of important research into causes and cures of this disgusting debilitating disease called cancer.

Where: Three Waters “High Country” Holiday Farm and surrounding district

Three Waters is a 1200 acre horse orientated property situated at 1150 meters altitude on the lower slopes of Bullock Mountain (1175 meters).

Every day will see the riders going into a different area of the magnificent surrounding country side. Traversing, creeks rivers, forests, bush and historic old mine areas as they go.   The distance of each days ride will be approximately 25 to 30 kilometers.

Steve Langley having a break

This is the country of the wild New England Ranges. Country that few people, other than the landowners and stockmen, would ever see.


The purpose of this ride is to raise much needed funds for cancer research and the method of raising funds will be by sponsorship and what the organisers require, is for each rider to raise $200 (or thereabouts) in sponsorship.   That is say, $20 from ten sponsors.


If you are interested, you can  book in by contacting Marshall Fittler on 02 66 244879 – mobile 041 1840 799, or Laurie Cooper on 02 66 295453 – mobile 0429 626912 – you can email us at crackincancer@hotmail.com – For powered sites and cabins, You phone Steve Langley or Kerry Byrne, Three Waters high Country Holliday Farm on 02 67 324863 or mobile 0417452649 or email


Cancer Council of NSW

All cheques and money orders to be made out to Cancer Council New South Wales (marked with name of  trail rider, for identification purposes) and posted to: Crackin’  Cancer, C/O Cancer Council NSW, PO Box 531, Alstonville NSW 2477. All sponsor cash to be sent with, sponsor sheet, via ONE money order  (marked with the name of trail rider. This needs to be done for identification purposes)

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

Hopefully I will see you there… till next time – Leigh



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