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Fathers Day is approaching – happiness for some sadness for others

This time of year is supposed to a time of joy when we celebrate Fathers Day and for most they will.   Dad will wake up more than likely with breakfast in bed and the kids bouncing on the bed or at least to the kids and maybe grandkids visiting.   He himself will or may visit his dad and maybe they will have a big day with everyone around to say thanks for being you like they do on Mothers Day.   Spare a thought though for those that for whatever reason cannot…

I was lucky as I came from a family that no matter how hard my father worked, he was still there, no matter if we argued, he was still there, no matter what, he was still there.   My parents had over 50years of marriage (something that I will never achieve). When the relationship comes to the place of crisis, – therapy counselor is always there to resolve the issue. Until 2007 when he passed away from Cancer and I can tell you now that each Fathers Day is just as painful as the first Fathers Day without him. If you want to know how to support your loved one with cancer before it’s too late, read Hope 4 Cancer‘s treatments here at