The 6th Annual Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Crackin Cancer Charity Ride

I love this event and it’s on again from 24th September thru to the 1st October which is the long weekend.   Theres a charity auction on the Wednesday night and some Read more →

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2015 Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters Trail Ride… a great week of Horses, friends and of course Country Music!

Yep it started on Saturday October 17th and it finished on Saturday October 24th and sad to say – it is to be the last “The Crackin’ Cancer Three Waters Horse Trail Ride” – I’m trying to continue it though in 2016 fingers crossed, I just need an ATHRA Club to work with.

Steve Langley

Steve Langley along with the assistance of many others including trail leaders Alison and Jo made the week a success even though numbers were down – hey we still had a ball!!  I even trained a band “The 1 Finger Bandits” Laurie, Marshal & Roslyn Lindsay the wife of the late great Reg Lindsay – and they thought they couldn’t learn, I showed them 🙂

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2015 Megalong Valley Cancer Fundraiser A Week Well Worth It – Roll On 2016

Crackin' Cancer cancer_council_nsw

What a week – Horses, Country Music & Raising Cash, thats why this blog is late…

It was an outstanding success – the 5th Annual Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club Crackin Cancer Charity Ride.  It was held from Sep 26th thru to Oct 3rd 2015 and I reckon it could have gone for longer – there was even a fancy dress night (photos near the end).

I arrived on the Friday around dinner time after battling traffic all the way plus rain, but it was worth it cause the reception was great and on the Saturday morning it was fine weather and everybody pitched in to help me unload my equipment and then I set up and yes started playing on the Saturday night and then Sunday started the horse riding after some posed in their new shirts…


During the ride, some of the lunches were held on the Cox’s River which included the Harris Farms property and thanks Mark for your assistance and one lunch was at Evon and her husbands amazing property…

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So Much Has Happened Since My Last Post & Blue Mountains Cancer Fundraiser Starts In 10 Days

LikIMG_0613 at 25pce I said, much has happened in the last 2 weeks:- NRL, AFL, Prime Ministers plus more AND the Megalong Valley Cancer Fundraiser starts on Saturday 26th September amongst the backdrop of the lovely Blue Mountains.

We’ve had Fathers Day which was both a sad day (my father passed away from Cancer in 2007) and an exciting day as I got a new motorhome (see above) – ok it’s made from Lego but hey…

Dad - Ray Warren 1934 2007

Monday 7th I had to see the optomotrist cause of problems with my eyes since an incident August 31st last year (also CT Scans and other stuff), Deb went into hospital on Wednesday 9th for a knee replacement (still there as I speak/type?) and then the weekend… The Melbourne Storm beat the Sydney Roosters (minor premiers) in the NRL semi finals and hey everyone picked the Roosters (who’s laughing now??) so we’re still in with a chance #purplepride #werunasone.

melbournestorm richmond

Also on the weekend I was wrapt as my (and mums) AFL Team Richmond Tigers were in the semi finals after 14 years playing Nth Melbourne Kangaroos (my dad & brothers team).   I think Dad from up there must of helped them as the Tigers went down to the Roos and so goes our finals chance, oh well 2016 it will be.

Oh yeah I also help to pickup a Bofors Gun which we’ll be restoring… 

Bofors Gun

I’ve been busy also laying down tracks and vocals for a song that my mates sister asked me to do as it is about (oops can’t say they might read this) anyway I’m hoping to have it finished before I go to Megalong Valley actually it will be finished.   Must say I am very impressed with my Rode NT1 microphone I purchased earlier in the year, I like how I sound through it compared to my vintage 70’s Shure mic which incidentally I’ve had since the 70’s (still a great mic).   This time I’m using my audio-technica Limited Edition ATH-M50x headphones for monitoring which I must say sound great and no, neither company sponsors me though I could be bought/bribed hint hint… also using Logic Pro X as well as my trusty Mac laptop and desktop.

Went to bed and Tony Abbott (on right) was Prime Minister and when I woke up Malcolm Turnbull (on left) is now Australia’s 29th Prime Minister after defeating Tony Abbott 54 votes to 44 votes for the Liberal Party leadership.   Who knows I might go to sleep and Julie Bishop (behind Malcolm above) who is still the Foreign Minister and Deputy Liberal leader could be our 30th Prime Minister.  Hey stranger things…

I am so looking forward to the upcoming Cancer Fundraiser at Megalong Valley in 10 days time yep I will arrive on Friday the 25th and set up ready for Saturday 26th.   Heres some photos…

Leigh and Reg  Auction Night  Cathy W 2014 Crackion Cancer 445-640x480  Reg, Ron and Wayne - Three Amigos  singing at the dinner dance  first day of the Crackin' Cancer charity ride with my Winnebago in there as well

Crackin Cancer Megalong Valley 2015 Flyer


Don’t forget, if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw Don’t forget to check for new blogs on the 1st & 15th of each month, till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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