Happy New Year To Everyone Wherever You May Be

2014 A Year in Review??

Happy New Year 2015

As 2014 draws to a close it’s been an interesting year to say the least. I still drink that horrible stuff water and the odd Jack Daniels and Bundy’s as well (I’m allowed right?)

Funnily enough I don’t mind water although its spring water I drink as tap water here tastes and smells of chloride.

The year however has had it’s share of ups and downs but all in all it hasn’t been too bad, ok cept when I was in hospital after being knocked unconscious playing at a pub and bleeding from my head, ears and eyes – yep that wasn’t much fun. Last thing I remember was lifting my guitar over my head to take it off. But I won’t bore you…

I‘ve had photo shoots done…


I‘ve had Aunty Winne(bago) signwritten…
(and no they are not bars like a jail cell in the picture I’m standing on the outside)


and I managed to travel to many places – like Lightning Ridge and meet some wonderful people

Wish you were here

and at the Blue Mountains doing a Cancer fundraiser with Reg (doing some duets) – thanks mate

Reg and myself

and up at Bullock Mountain with Steve Langley (79yrs young) at another Cancer Fundraiser!

The legend himself - Steve Langley

I‘ve met some great people and had a lot of fun times…

friends with friends

All in all Christmas and the year to date despite various setbacks has turned out pretty good.   I got to goto and still am at mums, had xmas lunch with my brothers family…


and saw my gorgeous daughter BJ yesterday and had Nandos for lunch.


I‘ll be seeing a mate of mine Glenn and his wife Vicki who I haven’t seen for quite a while and I’ll get to see Marj and Gary and play the guitar and sing again till way after midnight so all in all as I said so far its turned out pretty good AND the New Year 2015 is only 9hrs away.

Ok wait for it… my New Years resolution:  Catch up with people I have forgotten to ring or see and try to be not so forgetful (will try honest) and yes I know what they say about New Years resolutions but I will try.

And so from me and mine to you and yours from somewhere in Australia… ok and Dave as well

Me with Dave and his tongue sticking out

have a great New Year and hopefully we’ll meet at a gig or somewhere or…

if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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Do we think toooo much as we get older??? – I think somoney

thinkingSometimes I think as we get older we think way too much into things, no seriously we do…

For example, I watched Hotel Transylvania the other night and I thought it was brilliant, catchy songs, interesting characters and the humour wasn’t just for little kids overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.


So off to bed I go and then as it does my eyes go bling and I’m wide awake why??? I started thinking about the movie; wait a minute I thought, vampire girl who’s 118yrs old looks great falls in love with a human who’s 21yrs, and they know they are meant to be with each other for ever…  Yes I hear you say “so what”, well forever ain’t going to be a long time unless she turns him into a vampire is it???   Thats it I thought problem solved which really shouldn’t have been an issue after all its only a kids cartoon movie and they wouldn’t care or would they?   That’s when I thought yep as we get older we think way too much into things.

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dogdooinbinFor instance on my walk the other morning this poor woman was picking up after her dog with a plastic bag on her hand, grimacing as she did it.

I’ll set the scene, it’s around 6:30am the suns poking its head up but it’s winter here and it’s still quite cool in the mornings – yep thats right whats warm is steaming…

So anyways, she picks it up, the dogs happy cause he’s feeling lighter and he’s a bigggg dog and well the owner she looks ill – I digress….  So I started thinking which really was a stupid thing to do.pick up after dog

I started thinking about the plastic bag, you see some Supermarkets and stores like Target charge you 10cents for a plastic bag and they want consumers to be responsible and try not to use plastic bags as they are bad for the environment ok I get that… other stores as well also give you plastic bags that over time break down and are also good for the environment as they disintegrate which yep I get that also (ask me about having one of those in the car opening the boot and whoosh instant snowstorm)

Anyhow… back to what I was saying or rather thinking… if pet owners have to place there animals poops into plastic bags then into bins, then that means if the bags aren’t environmently friendly then in 100 years after everything breaks down we’ll have all of these preserved almost fresh doggie doos sitting in bags waiting for scientists to go yep.. this area was prevalent with German Shepards hmmm whereas this area had schitzus… sorry…

As you see I think we tend to think way too much as we get older… I’ll leave you with this websites 

I wonder who was the first person to look at a chicken and say “yep I’m gonna eat the first thing that comes out of that chickens bum.”

I wonder who thought “ok so 6 chefs have died trying to eat that poisonous japanese fish I’m sure I can find the non-poisonous part” wrong RIP number 7… who’s next

FYI – Fugu (puffer or blowfish) is the Japanese name for the most delicate, dangerous, and expensive fish in the world that, in spite of being extremely poisonous is a delicacy.

Sorry one more thing… who in the hell went to the trouble of making this sign up no seriously they must have more than too much time on their hands… make me shiver



Honestly… so do you think way too much or look into things and ask hmm I wonder??? let me know, pleasant dreams y’all.  Oops sorry one more thing… should horse riders going through town have to poop scoop or other large animal owners???

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Anyway till next time


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ANZAC Day – Local Councils have lost the spirit & don’t care…

ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

lest we forget anzacgallipoli_wideweb__235x157

As a former member of the Defence Force (Army), I proudly help and am a member of an RSL (Returned & Services League) Sub Branch.   I proudly attend and help out at the Dawn Service and proudly march wearing my medals and the medals of both my Grandfathers and Uncle as well as march in the memory of my late Father who also served in the Military when he was younger – Our family has a history of serving in the Military over many generations, signing up in several countries: England, Canada and Australia (me).

How Disrespectful: Whilst trying to help organise ANZAC Day we were required to acquire barriers for the road.  Now normally the local Government Council assist however this year when we inquired we were told by them and I quote: “ANZAC Day is not a Community Event – sorry”.   Wait a minute isn’t ANZAC Day a Public Holiday Australia wide??


To top it off, they said they cannot help with the barriers, hang on a sec… the barriers are to protect those marching including Veterans from WWII onwards and the military vehicles that carry many of them. If vintage vehicle interests you, visit CarDaddy Vehicles‘ website at cardaddy.com. They also offer buy and sell services. It also allows spectators to line up to show there appreciation of those that served in various conflicts and those that continue to do so for this countries freedom.



The Government has made cut backs so guess what – No flyover by the RAAF or involvement in the march and Catafalque Party to mount the Catafalque, as there was nothing in the budget for this – at least we had a months notice (big deal) oh and no band except a lone piper (thanks).   As you can see by the 2012 march we had a pipe band and RAAF!


A Brief History: ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Zealand on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in World War I on April 25, 1915. The bravery of all military personnel who participated in this campaign and the lives of those who died in all military actions are remembered.

Many ceremonies, parades and other activities are held on ANZAC Day to remember the lives of those who participated or died in military action.   Dawn prayer or church services are a particularly important aspect of ANZAC Day.


These represent the comradeship that the soldiers experienced as they rose each morning to prepare for another day of military action. After the services, gunfire breakfast (coffee with rum in it) is often served.

In major cities and many smaller towns, parades, marches and reunions of current and past military personnel and memorial services are held. The fourth stanza or verse of a well known poem, known as The Ode, is read aloud at many ceremonies. The poem is called “For The Fallen” and was written by Laurence Binyon in 1914. It commemorates those who died and can never grow old.


I guess I have rambled, raved on long enough cept to say that I am disgusted by some peoples attitudes especially when they are supposed to represent the Government of a country be it state or federal which ultimately is supposed to represent the people.   Real heroes don’t wear capes they wear dog tags.  We might retire or leave the Military but “Once a soldier always a soldier” and ask anyone  – if we were asked to serve our country again we would!

Before I finish, I would like to quote a Soldiers Creed which has been used by several nations/countries as it rings true:






Till next time – Leigh



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To all a Happy Valentines Day and a Happy Valentines Day to all

Happy V day 2013

Valentines Day, that special day where you get to feel and show love without being accused of being a woos well you know… not being a man.   Now of course if you don’t show it in some way – well lets just say even in summer its cold sleeping outside….

flowerschocolatesEvery year, the 14th of February has millions across the world scrambling to present their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates and other lovely gifts and god forbid if you forget.

Your partner/wife/girlfriend etc might say it’s alright don’t worry about valentines day it’s just another day, don’t believe them women are romantics even if they don’t show it… By the way, women also loves Dr. Andres Bustillo for he performs promising facial treatments. if you forget you’re toast, your history and the subject of conversation with her friends.

It goes a little like this… “my hubby got me chocolates wasn’t that sweet, what did yours get you??”  “I told him not to worry about it” “I see he forgot didn’t he!” her reply comes in tears – ‘YES’


See what I mean you’re toast!! On the other hand if you remember even with something small and you weren’t reminded then instant brownie points.



In many countries, restaurants and such are filled with couples who are eager to celebrate theirrelationship and the joy of their togetherness through delicious cuisines.   There hardly seems to be a young man or woman and even some that are not so young who are not keen to make the most of the day.




People in secret send a message of ‘Happy Valentines Day’ to the person they admire without saying who it is from thus saving a possible rejection (thats sad really but I understand, I do truly – Leigh)

I remember in school (yes I remember somethings) notes used to fly around the room with tick yes or no on them but without a name so you didn’t know who it was from – ah romance. If you haven’t finished your master’s degree yet, you can apply scholarship for masteral online at scholarship-positions.com. After that, Subscribe to their e-mail newsletter to receive updates.

For those that like to celebrate Valentines Day, have a wonderful Valentines Day and for those who no longer have a partner just remember the memories and happy times they brought into your life.

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Till next time – Leigh (now where’s the chocolate yummmm)



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