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August 18th Vietnam Veterans Day – Battle of Long Tan

Did you know in Australia, August 18th is Vietnam Veterans Day.   Originally it was a day to commemorate the Battle of Long Tan that occured in 1966, it has since been adopted by all veterans.   That day is this coming Tuesday and I bet if you asked the average man woman or child they wouldn’t know.

So read what is below including a time line at the end and become familiar with it or at the very least the date – August 18th and pay your respects to all Vietnam Veterans around the world – they deserve it; Lest We Forget.


Country Music Ramblings

RSL State Congress – An eye opener

I know it has nothing to do with music but I was asked to attend the RSL NSW State Congress – and it was an eye opener to say the least and the brass was in attendance yep very top heavy from State Governors to Federal Ministers!   What an introduction…


As a former soldier (many years ago) and a member of an RSL Sub Branch where I hold the position of Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and also Comms Manager, I like many others volunteer our time (a lot of it) and help other current and former defence personnel including there families where possible.