Megalong Valley… Horses, friends and of course Country Music – a great week!

Megalong Valley… Horses, Friends and of course Country Music – a great week!

Wow… You have to hand it to the Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club, once again it was a fantastic event and a week seems too short!

Reg Ron and Wayne

Wayne in the Khaki shirt, Ron in the blue shirt and Reg standing (knee Opp) along with the assistance of many others made the week a great success!!

Crackin' Cancer cancer_council_nsw

Plus… funds were raised for the Cancer Council which was basically the main reason everyone was there plus to catch up with friends.

Once again we arrived on the Friday and once again the place was already packed – great to see

Aunty Winne

A great days riding…

A Great Days Ride

The auction on the Wednesday night was a fantastic success with Stalky calling it and Liz dressed up as Eyore the Donkey AND several thousand was raised – top effort by all!!!

Auction Night

Some more from the Auction night

Auction Night

Auction Night

Reg and myself doing some duets – I had to learn several songs that he wanted to sing such as Snow White Dove and He’ll Have To Go plus more but all in all it went over very well – thanks mate

Reg and myself

The scenery was incredible and kept the drinks really cool

Crystal clear water

The sad part… packing up at the end of the week and knowing you won’t see most of the people for another year.

The end of another amazing week

All in all I can’t wait until next years Crackin’ Cancer Megalong Valley fundraiser to be held around the same time, the end of September start of October – make sure you mark it in your diaries cause I have and I’ll be there.

Hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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Walgett Rodeo then Lightning Ridge – rained out

Walgett Rodeo CANCELLED due to rain WHAT??

Venue changed to Lightning Ridge

And so said the WRV or Winnebago RV Club, ok no worries I thought, gear all packed should be ok have to be there by 3pm on the Friday – no worries!!

First of Walgett… ok well we sort of didn’t really stop just drove through slowly and waved back at people as it had been a long drive so far and we were running a bit late but a happy snap anyways

Entrance to Walgett

I have never seen so many dead skippys as I did between Walgett and Lightning Ridge there would have been at least one every 5 to 10 metres was quite sad actually seeing so many I mean I know on farms they are a pest but still a sad sight – anyways I digress…

Saw the sign to turn right to Lightning Ridge and a female PW had traffic stopped both ways for a breath test – you’re kidding but she did her job so happy snap number two of the Lightning Ridge Cement Mixer…

Entrance to Lightning Ridge

Well we made it to the alternative venue – Lightning Ridge Tourist Park in Harlequin St, Lightning Ridge yep a bit different to a Rodeo at Walgett but apparently they had rain which meant we would have never gotten on and especially off of the oval.

Entrance to Caravan Park

Well time to set up I guess then meet some of the WRV Club members and locals then have dinner relax and get ready for tomorrow… yup sounds good and after all it doesn’t rain in Lightning Ridge does it?

Setting up

Saturday morning and breakfast time and yes it had rained a little but the forecast was for lots of it and the locals were excited I wasn’t tho

Saturday breakfast

By Saturday afternoon it was raining and by Saturday night I was crook with the flu… it rained all Saturday night so no getting the guitars etc out and no music and rained on thru Sunday and although there was tours on I was just too crook.

Sunday breakfast

In typical fashion the rain started easing on Monday morning so breakfast was enjoyable and the limited time we all had to mix was still enjoyable.

The 2 girls from the WRV Club Shelley and Catherine did an outstanding job considering the last minute changeovers and the shocking weather, they held it all together and made the best of what we had – well done

Sunday breakfast

Well it was time to head out of Lightning Ridge and yes it was sunny and the locals thanked us for the best rain they had received in 4 years – so we stopped and had a look at the John Murray Art Gallery (brilliant and worth going to and free to look) and stopped at the local radio station to hand in some of my albums plus say gday you know the touristy bit

Monday tourist and time to go

Then the happy touristy happy snap wish you were here type photo…

Wish you were here

Well it was an interesting weekend and we’re going to the WRV Club NSW Xmas Party in December which is on the coast at the White Albatross or similar with about 50+ Winnebagos so should be interesting.

Hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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Country music, sunshine, rain and lots of horse riding, the week that was… Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley in the glorious Blue Mountains of New South Wales in Australia, what can I say… other than what a fantastic week it was!

The Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club had organised an amazing Fundraiser for Crackin’ Cancer yet again – fantastic effort.   We arrived late Friday afternoon the 27th September and there was already heaps of people and horses already.   The Winnebago was given pride of place next to the hall (thanks to Reg) and connected to mains power.   The scene was now set for a great week…

Crackin' Cancer          cancer_council_nsw

We had country music – courtesy or yours truly each afternoon and evening (notice this year I’m not outside in an open hay shed)…

Leigh singing Leigh performing

and still performing…

Leigh still performing

And more singing with my mate Reg also people endeavouring to line dance – hey we had a ball…

Leigh singing and reg Leigh singing and linedancing

plenty of horse riding (yes there is Aunty Winne in the picture – my accommodation)…

First Day of Riding

and much much more!  I must thank Reg Bright and Ron Moss for organising this years Crackin’ Cancer fund raiser which raises funds for the Cancer Council of NSW toward cancer research.   Actually the whole committee of the Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club have done a fantastic job such as Sissy, Liz, Stalky and Cathy and I know theres others (forgive me if I leave out your name you can beat me up later).

Reg is on the left and Cathy is on the right…

reg and cathy

Ron is on the left and Wayne on the right

ron and wayne

Stalky – you should have seen him and some others after 5 bottles of Chivas Rigal 🙂


we all had a great time and I must also say thanks to Debbie Smith, Marshall Fittler the President of Crackin’ Cancer and Laurie Cooper the Vice President.   The three of them particularly Debbie Smith worked tirelessly throughout the week.   Below is Marshall driving with Laurie, Debbie and yours truly trying to deliver some lunch to the riders – note this is the shallow bit of the creek…


Megalong Valley really was spectacular countryside…

megalong view

As I said “spectacular” anyway you look at it…

megalong view also

All in all I can’t wait until next years Crackin’ Cancer Megalong Valley fundraiser to be held around the same time, the end of September start of October – make sure you mark it in your diaries cause I have and I’ll be there.   Till next time y’all

Yours in country music – Leigh

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

not smoking cooking


Well they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I’ve just completed a “Cooking for 1 or 2” course which is run over a period of 5 weeks…

I’ve learnt all sorts of things like… how to work out if I should have red or white wine with a meal or both…



This course is run by the Department of Vet Affairs with the assistance of the Local Returned and Services League (RSL) Australia in conjunction with the Newcastle University. You get to learn about (ok forget the wine) nutrition, basic health issues, different types of foods and what amounts to eat, cross contamination plus more.   Actually I found the course to be very enjoyable even though I was volunteered for the course (feels like I am still in the Army).


Three ladies from the University of Newcastle that were undertaking a degree were our instructors for the five weeks.   They were great and fitted in with our mad group of ex Military personell.



Some pictures of the food…. and seriously we did cook it and didn’t get sick afterwards either.   Sadly though I think I have become a tad domesticated 🙁 which I suppose could be a good thing but I am not so sure…


Week 5 lunch is served

week 4 this is how you measure the oil

this goes with that sitting outside for lunch


Here is the link to the Cooking for 1 or 2 website for more information…


Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Till Next time – Leigh


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