Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

not smoking cooking


Well they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I’ve just completed a “Cooking for 1 or 2” course which is run over a period of 5 weeks…

I’ve learnt all sorts of things like… how to work out if I should have red or white wine with a meal or both…



This course is run by the Department of Vet Affairs with the assistance of the Local Returned and Services League (RSL) Australia in conjunction with the Newcastle University. You get to learn about (ok forget the wine) nutrition, basic health issues, different types of foods and what amounts to eat, cross contamination plus more. Furthermore, you can learn the advantages and disadvantages of using bullet blenders in cooking if you visit buyblenders.com.au. Actually I found the course to be very enjoyable even though I was volunteered for the course (feels like I am still in the Army).


Three ladies from the University of Newcastle that were undertaking a degree were our instructors for the five weeks.   They were great and fitted in with our mad group of ex Military personell.



Some pictures of the food…. and seriously we did cook it and didn’t get sick afterwards either.   Sadly though I think I have become a tad domesticated 🙁 which I suppose could be a good thing but I am not so sure…


Week 5 lunch is served

week 4 this is how you measure the oil

this goes with that sitting outside for lunch


Here is the link to the Cooking for 1 or 2 website for more information…


Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Till Next time – Leigh


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The 3rd Annual Crackin’ Cancer Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club Charity Ride – Sep 28th to Oct 5th

Crackin' Cancer





Yes it’s on again…

From September 28th to October 5th 2013
The 3rd Annual Crackin’ Cancer Cumberland Trail Riders Club Charity Ride

As the poster says…

We will be riding in the beautiful Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains.   The scenery is spectacular in this part of the world, and the weather is usually very pleasant at this time of year with warm days and crisp nights perfect for horse riders.

The fabulous Country Music Artist Leigh Warren will be playing throughout the week in camp.   On Wednesday night we will be holding a charity auction so bring something along (it’s a lot of fun).

Please Note: You must be a member of an ATHRA club.   Please read the below poster for further information…

For registration information please contact…

Reg Bright 02 4573 6392
Ron Moss 02 6366 3681
You gotta go to this one I will be…
For more information please visit

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

Till next time – Leigh

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