Always fun, the Crackin’ Cancer Fundraiser at Three Waters

Crackin' Cancer






Man what a great time was had at the 4th annual Three Waters Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trail Ride fundraiser.   This one was held at Three Waters in Bullock Mountain near Glen Innes NSW, AUST.   Now this event was held over the course of a week (16-22nd March) but we got there earlier in the previous week so we could you know get ready like even bringing my coffee cup (not the small one) – read on…

leighs coffee cup comparison

As you can see by having the large cup I’ve reduced the number of coffees I have each day – that should keep the doctor happy, I mean I’m drinking less cups of coffee right?  🙂

The accommodation for most people was staying in their horse floats which were from one end of the property to the other.  Some stayed in what they call a Caracabin which is like a caravan with a cabin attached whilst some stayed in cabins and others stayed in tents – brrr.  Yes I was lucky to stay in what I affectionately call Aunty Winne which is an 8mt Winnebago which I have used to travel around and incidentally I now own.   Yes I know spoilt, but hey you sleep on a blow up mattress for a week which I have done on many occasions – it was time to come up in the world and yes I am smiling!

Aunty Winne


As you can see in the photos below people rode horses and had fun even after riding between 20 and 30km – even I had a go though I didn’t attempt to go on their longrides… hmmm maybe next time.


Leigh on Dave riding


Leigh with Dave the horse tongue sticking out

Ok that was me with Dave the horse upstaging me after riding him – yes he stuck his tongue out and pulled a face and no it wasn’t wind, what do they say never work with kids or animals…

horses by the river

And of course the horses which are really the ones in control discussing which way to go…

horses discussing which way to go

And the legend himself… Steve Langley

Steve Langley a legend

What else can I say people were relaxing with a beverage or two and others were mucking about having a dance whilst I was doing I guess what I do best – singing and playing music.


steve and friend debbie relaxing


people relaxing and mucking about

The Crackin’ Cancer crew including myself even posed for a photo and even family and cousins were all there enjoying themselves.   Yes I can honestly say I enjoyed myself and I know I wasn’t the only one.

crackincancer crew

As I said doing what I do best…

leigh singing

I had a ball and from what everyone else told me so did they which means I don’t know about you but I will be there for the next one which might even be as early as October this year.

Any way I guess thats enough for this one and I’ll finish by saying thanks to everyone that made this a success and heres hoping the next one at Three Waters High Country Holidays is just as successful if not more so.

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Until next time…

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Country music, sunshine, rain and lots of horse riding, the week that was… Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley in the glorious Blue Mountains of New South Wales in Australia, what can I say… other than what a fantastic week it was!

The Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club had organised an amazing Fundraiser for Crackin’ Cancer yet again – fantastic effort.   We arrived late Friday afternoon the 27th September and there was already heaps of people and horses already.   The Winnebago was given pride of place next to the hall (thanks to Reg) and connected to mains power.   The scene was now set for a great week…

Crackin' Cancer          cancer_council_nsw

We had country music – courtesy or yours truly each afternoon and evening (notice this year I’m not outside in an open hay shed)…

Leigh singing Leigh performing

and still performing…

Leigh still performing

And more singing with my mate Reg also people endeavouring to line dance – hey we had a ball…

Leigh singing and reg Leigh singing and linedancing

plenty of horse riding (yes there is Aunty Winne in the picture – my accommodation)…

First Day of Riding

and much much more!  I must thank Reg Bright and Ron Moss for organising this years Crackin’ Cancer fund raiser which raises funds for the Cancer Council of NSW toward cancer research.   Actually the whole committee of the Cumberland Trail Horse Riders Club have done a fantastic job such as Sissy, Liz, Stalky and Cathy and I know theres others (forgive me if I leave out your name you can beat me up later).

Reg is on the left and Cathy is on the right…

reg and cathy

Ron is on the left and Wayne on the right

ron and wayne

Stalky – you should have seen him and some others after 5 bottles of Chivas Rigal 🙂


we all had a great time and I must also say thanks to Debbie Smith, Marshall Fittler the President of Crackin’ Cancer and Laurie Cooper the Vice President.   The three of them particularly Debbie Smith worked tirelessly throughout the week.   Below is Marshall driving with Laurie, Debbie and yours truly trying to deliver some lunch to the riders – note this is the shallow bit of the creek…


Megalong Valley really was spectacular countryside…

megalong view

As I said “spectacular” anyway you look at it…

megalong view also

All in all I can’t wait until next years Crackin’ Cancer Megalong Valley fundraiser to be held around the same time, the end of September start of October – make sure you mark it in your diaries cause I have and I’ll be there.   Till next time y’all

Yours in country music – Leigh

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

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ANZAC Day – Local Councils have lost the spirit & don’t care…

ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

lest we forget anzacgallipoli_wideweb__235x157

As a former member of the Defence Force (Army), I proudly help and am a member of an RSL (Returned & Services League) Sub Branch.   I proudly attend and help out at the Dawn Service and proudly march wearing my medals and the medals of both my Grandfathers and Uncle as well as march in the memory of my late Father who also served in the Military when he was younger – Our family has a history of serving in the Military over many generations, signing up in several countries: England, Canada and Australia (me).

How Disrespectful: Whilst trying to help organise ANZAC Day we were required to acquire barriers for the road.  Now normally the local Government Council assist however this year when we inquired we were told by them and I quote: “ANZAC Day is not a Community Event – sorry”.   Wait a minute isn’t ANZAC Day a Public Holiday Australia wide??


To top it off, they said they cannot help with the barriers, hang on a sec… the barriers are to protect those marching including Veterans from WWII onwards and the military vehicles that carry many of them. If vintage vehicle interests you, visit CarDaddy Vehicles‘ website at cardaddy.com. They also offer buy and sell services. It also allows spectators to line up to show there appreciation of those that served in various conflicts and those that continue to do so for this countries freedom.



The Government has made cut backs so guess what – No flyover by the RAAF or involvement in the march and Catafalque Party to mount the Catafalque, as there was nothing in the budget for this – at least we had a months notice (big deal) oh and no band except a lone piper (thanks).   As you can see by the 2012 march we had a pipe band and RAAF!


A Brief History: ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Zealand on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in World War I on April 25, 1915. The bravery of all military personnel who participated in this campaign and the lives of those who died in all military actions are remembered.

Many ceremonies, parades and other activities are held on ANZAC Day to remember the lives of those who participated or died in military action.   Dawn prayer or church services are a particularly important aspect of ANZAC Day.


These represent the comradeship that the soldiers experienced as they rose each morning to prepare for another day of military action. After the services, gunfire breakfast (coffee with rum in it) is often served.

In major cities and many smaller towns, parades, marches and reunions of current and past military personnel and memorial services are held. The fourth stanza or verse of a well known poem, known as The Ode, is read aloud at many ceremonies. The poem is called “For The Fallen” and was written by Laurence Binyon in 1914. It commemorates those who died and can never grow old.


I guess I have rambled, raved on long enough cept to say that I am disgusted by some peoples attitudes especially when they are supposed to represent the Government of a country be it state or federal which ultimately is supposed to represent the people.   Real heroes don’t wear capes they wear dog tags.  We might retire or leave the Military but “Once a soldier always a soldier” and ask anyone  – if we were asked to serve our country again we would!

Before I finish, I would like to quote a Soldiers Creed which has been used by several nations/countries as it rings true:






Till next time – Leigh



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Great fun, the event at Three Waters in Bullock Mountain for Crackin’ Cancer

Three Waters Holidays

Crackin' Cancer Logo

Man what a wonderful time was had this year at the Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trail Ride fundraiser held at Three Waters in Bullock Mountain near Glen Innes NSW, AUST.   Now this event was held over the course of a week (13-20th April) but we got there earlier in the previous week so we could gear upto it – read on…

The Transport & Accommodation – We were fortunate enough thanks to Danny Gascoyne of A1 Group Removals & Storage to be offered the use of his personal Winnebago based on a Mazda T4600 Truck.


Now the incredible thing was that this being a turbo diesel it only used the same amount of fuel as what my 96′ Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd towing a trailer with a brake controller did last year, I think I might just sell all and buy one and travel this country playing music anyway I digress…

As I said I had the Winnebago and Marshall Fittler the President of Crackin’ Cancer had a Caravan and Laurie Cooper the Vice President had a roof mounted tent on his Toyota Landcruiser as can be seen… Speaking of the roof, Trusted Roofing then sorted our roof for us, but that’s another story. You can visit trusted-roofing.com to learn more. I think I had the best accommodation what do you think??


The People, Pets & Their Accommodation – This year saw over 40 riders plus their partners friends, kids, dogs and even a Macaw Parrot that liked rolling onto it’s back and having his stomach scratched – I kid you not oh and of course all the horses, wouldn’t be a horse trail ride without them now would it…

Most of the people stayed in their horse floats (spread everywhere – too far for me to walk and take a photo), some stayed in tents (not many) and some stayed in cabins.   Not included in the below photo are about another twenty plus floats/fifth wheelers that were located in another yard call the Horseotel Yard (as I said too far to walk and take a photo).


And The Real Star – It truly was an amazing time with Steve Langley the owner of Three Waters (76yrs young) donning a baseball cap backwards and doing a rap song about a bloke named Joe and Fish (wish I had recorded it) and the people mesmerised by him – even me, he’s a hard act to follow! onya mate.

Steve Langley I was a rappin

people enjoying rap


The Week That Was – I could go on and on but needless to say I had an absolute ball, played plenty of country music, raised lots of dollars for Crackin’ Cancer and the Cancer Council which of course means plenty of dollars for Cancer Research which as we know is very important!

On one of the nights we had an auction which raised nearly $2k which was fantastic!   There was many items including whips (no chains), hobble belts, clothing, alcohol and a skull hand painted by Robyn Baker which looked fantastic.



Friday The Last Ride – We of course had a ride into town to the Railway Tavern in Glen Innes and had a beautiful meal, yes I had Pizza although having lost weight meant I could only eat a medium and not a family size – don’t know how I did it last year.



After finishing lunch at the Railway Tavern it was time to mount up and head back to the property.   It meant traversing over the old abandoned railway lines again and the twenty plus kilometre trek back.   This was the last ride of the week (Friday) and would be finished with a beautiful spit roast like last year – yummmm.

The Sad Bit The Trip Home – Anyway all that remains is the trip home for me which was both enjoyable but sad as I could have really stayed up their for a lot longer, I miss the bush and don’t like leaving.  There was friends from the last 2 years plus new friends that was made and hopefully we’ll all catch up again over the next 12 months – it’s a big country after all.   I’ll even miss the brown snakes that I saw on my early morning walks crossing the dirt road in front of me.   There was so much more that I could mention but then this would turn into a novel and would never end.

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Anyways a picture of one the places I stopped at on the travels back, this place was a tribute to the first settlers with sails set up yet no water nearby – and why they had a pirate playground is beyond me (was fun tho & you can just see it if you look) but the amount of RV’s and Caravans that stay their overnight is incredible and yes I was one of them groan.

trip home

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw


Till next time peoples and if you see me then say hello – I don’t bite well not very often and I am fairly well house trained sorta.

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