The 2012 Crackin’ Cancer Horse Trail Ride at Three Waters – a success!!!

What a week is was at Three Waters up at Bullock Mountain near Glen Innes.   The property is amazing and when over a week you cover distances of 25 to 30 km a day you get to see a lot, including properties that other than the owners most people will never see.

Steve Langley the owner of Three Waters is turning 76 years of age in a few weeks and the energy he has is amazing.   Up at 4.30am and off to do work around the place prior to putting in a day of riding leading the 30 plus riders over the 30 odd km, then doing more work and finishing off with a social evening at the ‘Gunyah’ with all concerned.   You have to remember that this property is also a holiday destination for people so he doesn’t get much chance to rest.   Kerry Byrne, Steve’s partner likewise is also flat out with the running of the property plus more helping the local council during each day as well – both amazing people!!

Cancer Council of NSW


Of course the big winner is Crackin’ Cancer and the Cancer Council of NSW as near $8,000 was raised towards Cancer Research.

This money was raised from rider sponsorships, an auction and from monies raised from the sale of my single Crackin’ Cancer on the auction night – so a big thank you to all that helped, the money is definitely needed.   Remember “Research is the answer but funding is the key”

On the Friday Steve Langley led all the riders on a Pub Crawl on Horseback as they all rode 30km plus return trip into Glen Innes and to the Railway Tavern where all enjoyed pizza in which their reputation precedes them.   One of the horses even poked his head in through one of the windows and ate some pizza from a locals hand much to their amazement.

On return everybody enjoyed a pig on a spit for dinner and a great nights entertainment by yours truly including everybody joining in on the chorus of my song Crackin’ Cancer, we had a great night even though everybody knew that the next day was the last.


Congratulations to Steve Langley, the man the myth the legend (seen here relaxing) who received a Certificate of Accreditation from the Trail Riders Association as a drover, overseer, trail boss plus some that I cannot remember – sorry Steve

This event will be staged again next year on May 11th 2013 – mark it in your calenders!


Till next time y’all – Leigh

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

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