The Good The Bad and The Man I’m So Lucky To Be Alive!!

Up until the last couple of days I would have said the first half of the month was going well… all I can say is that I guess I am lucky to be alive and thank you to whoever was watching over me – let me explain
First with all the rain the driveway, entrance and garage all started flooding each day.   It would then drain at night, then flood again the next day and the day after.  You get the drift as in the photo its just started again… We had to get help from Tarmac Driveways Warrington to fix and improve the driveway.
The weekend arrives and its off for a ride to the Coopernook Hotel with the boys and yep it bucketed down till nearly Nabiac then drizzled just enough to annoy you the rest of the way to Coopernook but… the pub is a nice place to stay for the weekend and the food is not too shabby either and the owner Jan Rowe treated us well also.   There is more to this story but thats all I can say.
Ok so after that wet weekend the following weekend (11th March) it was off to see the Music Of The Guns at a place called Fort Scratchley in Newcastle Australia.   Fort Scratchley protected the Port of Newcastle during World War II and from the jap subs.   The Music Of The Guns has a military band and the Hunter Combined Schools Band and they play Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and when the cannons fire – it is loud, it is amazing and I highly recommend it.   1000 people attend the show and it is worth it.
Ok so now the real dramas…  its the 13th and no not Friday but a Monday although it may as well have been!   Mums blood sugar has been through the roof which is not good when you are on Insulin – the doctor wants mum to go to hospital to sort things out and on the way to go to a doctor specialized in Advanced Urology so she can get her urine texted and mum is saying no way!   So its off to Central Victoria on the bike as my motorhome was being serviced.
I do the normal stops every couple of hours and re fuel, stretch the legs etc. and finally get to the servo called Glenrowan Sth Bound on the Hume Freeway just south of Wangaratta and have something to eat – I’ve been traveling about 9hrs or so.   I take off and about 15km down the road the bike feels weird and the steering vague almost like a flat tyre.
Its pitch black and as I slow to a halt the front end goes to the left and the handlebars stay straight and one of the bolts holding the handlebars to the triple trees falls out.   I am so lucky because if I hadn’t of slowed and stopped the bolt would have fallen out at 110km and I would have been sliding down the road in the dark with semi’s all around me (I had not long overtaken one) and realistically I would have died!
Lucky for me there was a rest stop about 500mt away tho it wasn’t easy to get to considering the front end and handlebars wouldn’t work together – I rang the RACV and an hour later they arrived with a flat bed.
I can’t fault the RACV whatsoever, they organised the flat bed for my bike, organised a motel room at the Ryley Motor Inn, Wangaratta and organised to get my bike to a repairer (GAS Honda) the next day as I didn’t have any tools – there isn’t a Harley dealer in Wang.   Everybody was great considering it was midnight by the time I got to check in 🙂
I finally made it to mums.   What should have taken 12 to 14hrs on the Monday, depending on stops ended up with me getting there on the Wednesday morning and also missing my daughter BJ’s birthday.   Anyway all’s well that ends well – now mum about the hospital 🙁
Anyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40
Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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