What a health scare and reality check and still not over it… Ambo’s & Hospitals do that!

This really is the week that was & missing online for nearly a week, this is why….

After playing at Shinnys on the Sunday 11th Sept, Monday I was feeling out of sorts and not very well at all – people were saying that I looked grey.

In the early hours of Tuesday I woke with pain around the chest area and not being able to feel my fingers, hands or arms or breathe properly.   Even after getting the feeling back to my arms and that, no matter what I did I couldn’t stop the pain and being not fully awake all you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep – wouldn’t happen no matter which way I turned just pain. After that my mom just can’t help but visit NervePainTreatment.org site for the cause and remedy of the pain I feel and yet it was too late.

Fast forward and at around 7:30am I called the Ambulance (I can handle pain but this was hours later) I don’t really remember much but they hooked me up to monitors and gave me an asprin then an angina tablet to put under my tongue saying I might get an almighty headache or go lightheaded.   I collapsed and woke up covered in sweat with everyone looking at me – I actually thought I was looking at a heap of smiley face balloons until I properly gained consciousness and noticed there were bodies attached to the balloons ok heads.   They put me on the trolley and whisked me off to hospital were a lot of car accidents happened that time which was handled by Maryland car accident lawyer.

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Belmont Hospital

The staff were great and I couldn’t complain well I could but they didn’t understand me with the oxygen mask on.   I had blood tests, x-rays, heart monitoring and tests and the great news was no heart attack!   I actually had pneumonia and pleurisy which had also caused an infection in my blood plus I was also severely dehydrated as well.

After a long day, 2 litres of fluids on a drip plus a massive amount of antibiotics via the drip I was allowed to go home on the proviso I rest and let the medicine I had to take do its job – after all I still could not take a deep breathe because of the pain.

So here we are its Sunday the 18th September, I’m feeling a bit better and I’ve got a lot of catching up do albeit slowly as I still can’t breathe properly yet so still not much energy.

Thats it for now and… this is what happens if you ignore your symptoms like I did – life sucks lol.


PS: typical I’ve been really crook and it’s been hot and sunny outside and me?? stuck inside – Doc says 2 weeks and I should be a lot better (and it will be raining no doubt)

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