Who would of thought I was lost for words – maybe I wasn’t after all Friday 13th an unlucky day

Yep this is late and I apologise, since I got back from Glen Innes and the Cancer Fundraiser I’ve sort of hit the ground running.   Trying to finish re-mixing my songs seems like a never ending story.   I thought (yes I know dangerous) I’ll listen to them again before I bounce them to a stereo track for mastering and I just wasn’t happy so I thought (yes that 2 thoughts) I’ll just remix them again from scratch 🙁 groan thats 15 songs and I’m a little to fussy…

working on my song

You know life gets in the way which is a problem when you’re working at a studio that is at home because it is just too easy to get distracted and therein lies the problem – from cats to well all sorts of things like bloody hell the washing needs to be brought in before it rains damn looks like it going in the dryer and…

Banner Wangi Remembrance Day poppy background with RSL Logo

And don’t forget Remembrance Day – I set up and do the sound from my little area wearing suit tie and medals and pay tribute like many others do and to my grandparents one of whom signed up at sixteen and went over to the Western Front, my other grandparents brother who was killed in action in Flanders at the young age of 21.   I have his medal that he never received nor seen and I wear it with pride as I do mine.   We also reflect on others that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in other conflicts and to those that are still fighting – Lest We Forget, after all once a soldier always a soldier its the way we are.

france attacks

And then theres the tragedy and bullshit that seems to be goin on at the moment with suicide bombers and the like – I mean whats going through their minds when they do this and I don’t mean shrapnel – On Friday 13th look what happened in France and its happening elsewhere even in Australia.   I’m not sure what the answer is (well I have ideas but this is not the medium for it) this is for country music and the like.   The Russian President Putin had an interesting way of putting things tho on Terrorists and I quote… ‘To forgive them is up to God, but to send them to him is up to me’ – I like it.

Russia Pres Putin

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions whether it be politics, religion or whatever – however that doesn’t mean you have the right to enforce it or push it onto someone else or take it to the extreme.   If you come to this country and you are allowed the privilege of staying and living here then that is exactly what it is, a privilege not a right and if you abuse it then you should be sent back to wherever you came from.    And yes I came here in the sixties so even I am an import if you like – if you like this country then love it if you don’t then leave no-one is stopping you, don’t abuse it after all as I said it is privilege that allows you to stay here not a right.

1280x241 Leigh Bike

I do have one question – why do I have to take off my open face helmet (I take off my sunnys) when I fill my Harley with fuel (they can see the number plate and my face on CCTV) and yet others with their faces covered can keep it covered?  I wish someone from the Servo’s or government would answer that as I don’t see how that is fair do you??

priceofliberty_wte_backgrndAnyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Leigh Warren - Country Music Outlaw

 Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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