Working on Music, Bus and Playing at Rathmines Bowling Club

Well (thats another hole in the ground – sorry) 2 weeks to go and then its off in the bus and hitting the road.   Last gig before I hit the road working my way back down to Victoria, will be at the Rathmines Bowling Club, somewhere I haven’t played in a while.   Great people, great audience, great atmosphere and great surroundings as well.   Looking forward to that one on Sunday 12th June at 2pm thru till 5pm

Ok so I won’t keep you too long or ramble on as i sometimes do… Currently I have 12 songs on the go at the moment in various stages and all progressing well.   Songs with titles such as ‘Life Don’t Get Much Better Than This’ – yes thats a happy country music song (rare breed), ‘The Only Thing Missing Is You’, ‘Sometimes A Harley Seems To Be My Best Friend’, ‘No You Ain’t The One’ plus more…

And of course I’m ensuring Aunty Winne is prepared and ready as in Victoria this time of the year its Winter so days will be around 7-9c and nights will below 0c – yep a cold one indeed. One of the preparation is the furnace maintenance pittsburgh pa too since it will be freezing if it’s not working correctly. Maybe I should organise my winter trips through Queensland instead would definitely be a lot warmer – food for thought.

Now speaking of warmer, the suns shining so maybe I should just go out for a ride – hell yeah!!!  As my song ‘Ride Hard Ride Free’ from my 1st album says…

Head out on the highway, I’m going for a ride,

Got to do it my way, release my freedom from inside,

Forget about tomorrow, I’m living for today,

Shed no tears of sorrow, no ties to make me stay,

I wrote the Lyrics in ©1988 and I still feel the same way, hair in the wind and bugs in the teeth, yep some things don’t change…

Anyway I have rambled on for too long, hey if you see me out on the road say gday or hit me up on UHF Channel 40

Till next time, take care, yours in country music – Leigh

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