You Win Some You Lose Some Then You Read a Book

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Yep, you win some like 7 of the last 8 games – go Richmond Tigers! (AFL), you lose some like the last 4 games – Melbourne Storm (NRL) #purplepride and then you win some:- State of Origin NRL – Queensland and then you read a book!   Man what an up and down couple of weeks this has been and did I mention my phones still missing (been quiet tho)…

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Now when it comes to my music I am pretty much a control freak – good, bad or indifferent and maybe in other areas I also need to have some form of control even in pictures etc.   With my music, I need to have control over how its recorded, mixed and then mastered – after all they are my songs I wrote the lyrics and music and as per below its on my computer that I record and mix them.

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Bearing that in mind I need to do some video’s or film clips if you like on many of my songs… and so the process begins how do I have control??  I have the hardware and software (Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X), so ok how… yep now its book reading time to see how I can polish my skill sets.   I‘ve just finished reading a book including exercises titled ‘A DIY Guide To Planning, Shooting And Sharing Great Video’ from USA Today’s Tech Host Jefferson Graham – and actually it was a great read.   Now I’m onto my next techo book ‘From Still To Motion A Photographers Guide To Creating Video With Your DSLR – which so far including exercises isn’t too shabby.   I suppose I could get someone else to do the videos for me but then how would I improve my skillsets and keep learning?   As I said I already have the software and hardware and I like to learn!! – notice I didn’t mention that I need to keep control either.

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Now the ‘You Wins Some and You Loses Some’ saga… yep the State of Origin has truly been run and won with each of the 3 rounds before a capacity crowd.   Queensland (Maroons) beat the NSW (Blues) 2 games to 1 with the 3rd round the decider and it wasn’t pretty the score was 52 to 6.   It was a hard hitting game but NSW just couldn’t get it together.   Like I said you win some and…


Melbourne Storm on the other hand doesn’t fair well when the State of Origin is on, they have lost their last 4 games in a row and Billy Slater is our for the rest of the season – bummer.   On a brighter note Cameron Smith is set to play his 300th game on Friday night when they play the Penrith Panthers at AAMI park.   Congrats Cammo!


He is only the tenth player to do this in the same club and only the 23rd player I believe to achieve 300 games.   If you include 36 State of Origin games and 43 Tests for Australia, it puts the tally closer to 400 matches, add to that Smith is the Storm, Queensland and Australian captain and is one of the best players of the modern era, and arguably the best hooker to ever play the game – he only 32 years old. Speaking of a game, if online roulette game interests you, there’s a blog that you can read about it here at spacing.ca.

So like I said… You Win Some You Lose Some Then You Read a Book.

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